Christina Lynn Adams

Christina Lynn Adams

ROGERSVILLE — Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said a woman fired four shots during a standoff with his deputies on Monday afternoon, resulting in her being charged with 12 counts of felony reckless endangerment.

Around 12:28 p.m., the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint at 178 Marlowe Road about Christina Lynn Adams vandalizing the complainant’s truck.

The caller stated that Adams was leaving the residence armed with a handgun and threatening suicide.

On Marlowe Road, Sgt. Stacy Vaughn and Cpl. Mike Allen made contact with the vehicle driven by Adams and was pulled halfway out of the road. Lawson stated in his report that deputies attempted to make contact with Adams through a PA system, but she refused to get out of her vehicle or communicate with deputies.

“Numerous officers including negotiators arrived at the scene and continued to talk to Ms. Adams, who still refused to communicate or comply,” Lawson said. “At approximately 2 p.m., after all negotiations had failed, sheriff’s deputies approached the vehicle from the rear and did observe Ms. Adams in possession of a handgun and again attempted to talk Ms. Adams out of her vehicle.”

Lawson added, “Officers attempted to remove her from the vehicle, at which time Ms. Adams randomly fired four shots from her handgun inside the vehicle, with one striking her in the left side.”

Adams, 55, 178 Marlowe Road, Rogersville, was taken into custody and transported to Hawkins County Memorial Hospital, where she was treated and released into HCSO custody.

Lawson said no shots were fired by his department, but three deputies received minor injuries from the altercation, albeit not from gunfire. Those officers were treated at HCMH and released.

As of Tuesday, Adams was being held in the Hawkins County Jail without bond pending arraignment in Sessions Court Wednesday on 12 counts of felony reckless endangerment, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and resisting arrest.

The HCSO’s Detective Division is being assisted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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