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He was just a teen when he delivered food supplies to his brothers on the battle lines with their fiercest rival. The opposing champion was challenging his brothers and their forces to battle him one on one. Mano e mano. There were no takers, including the warrior king himself. Young David offered to take on the mighty Goliath, a true giant of a man. In preparation, young David selected five smooth stones to go with his sling as he made his way to the battleground. He would need only one.

Goliath made things personal. He was insulted that a young boy was to be his opponent. He threatened David with humiliation and devastation.

The threats were severe. David was unfazed. However, when Goliath invoked the name of God with his rantings, young David made it clear that the coming battle was not with him, but with God Himself. Goliath was not under the covenant of the Lord (he was a Philistine) and his end was sure. And then it happened.

As Goliath was sizing up the red-headed youth before him, David rushed toward the giant. He charged him with the sling and stones in his hands.

The strategy caught Goliath off guard. When he gathered himself, David let a stone fly in Goliath’s direction.

The small gap in the huge helmet was just wide enough for the stone to squeeze through, sinking right into his forehead and knocking him unconscious. David removed the giant’s sword and used it to finish the fight.

All his life David had been preparing for this particular moment. Each hunting excursion, each target practice and each predator of his sheep were opportunities to hone his skills. In the mystery of life, God had been orchestrating events to bring glory to Himself. The battle was the Lord’s; Goliath had no chance.

We will face many challenges in life, many giants.

Our enemies are the world, the flesh and the devil.

Spiritual warfare is always around the corner. It behooves the child of God to keep in mind the Lord has been preparing us for these future engagements and the battle is the Lord’s. Let’s go pick up some stones.

Dr. Greg Burton is pastor at Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Kingsport.

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Dr. Greg Burton is pastor

at Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Kingsport.