The Times News has teamed up with area faith leaders to share "Words of Comfort" in our print edition and online at TimesNews.Net. Anyone who'd like to get involved can contact Carmen Musick at

Editor’s Note: Local pastors partner with us to bring a message of hope and comfort to readers twice a week. Look for it on Sundays and Wednesdays.

He was just a teen when he delivered food supplies to his brothers on the battle lines with their fiercest rival. The opposing champion was challenging his brothers and their forces to battle him one on one. Mano e mano. There were no takers, including the warrior king himself. Young David offered to take on the mighty Goliath, a true giant of a man. In preparation, young David selected five smooth stones to go with his sling as he made his way to the battleground. He would need only one.

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Dr. Greg Burton is pastor at Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Kingsport.