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“Whatever God leads us to, He will lead us through” is a statement a pastor used to routinely make at a church I attended years ago. For followers of Jesus Christ, this is a very encouraging statement, and when one reviews their life to include the challenges they successfully managed, thanks would be given to our Heavenly Father for the victories. Currently, I am in the midst of a Bible study involving Moses, and I believe the statement made by the pastor would definitely apply to Moses.

The Bible study, led by Dr. David Jeremiah, discusses how Moses’ life was divided into three 40-year spans. Each of the 40-year intervals was a distinct periods of time in his life where he was involved in vastly different endeavors which undoubtedly prepared him for future events.

The first 40 years involved his birth and upbringing in the midst of Egyptian royalty as well as him having military leadership responsibilities. At that time, he enjoyed the best experiences anyone could imagine and it is doubtful that he worried about anything. The next 40-year period involved him being a fugitive and a shepherd in the wilderness where he lived a very humble life compared to his prior Egyptian lifestyle. The following 40-year period involved God calling Moses to lead the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt and onward to the promised land.

Many books of the Old Testament describe the 120-year life of Moses in greater detail and I encourage you to review them. Going back to the statement involving “whatever God leads us to, He will lead us through” would certainly apply to Moses. It is apparent that God had a calling and a plan for Moses during his life and provided him with essential opportunities to learn and be successful with his calling.

As you trace the journey of Moses through the Bible, it is notable that he made errors and poor decisions along the way, but God was merciful and kind and continued to mold Moses into the leader he wanted him to become. God wanted Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and he was successful with completing this daunting task.

As we review the life of Moses and consider how he carried out the plan God had for him, I wonder how this applies to us. In similar regard, I believe God has a plan for us as well. Self-exploration consideration: what gifts, skills and abilities has God given me, and am I carrying out the plan He has for me in my life? Many blessings to you!

James Reasor is a volunteer chaplain for Ballad Health.

James Reasor is a volunteer chaplain for Ballad Health.