MOUNT CARMEL — They may not have any electoral votes, but students at Mount Carmel Elementary School made their voices heard on Monday, re-electing President Donald Trump with 87% of the 209 mock votes that were cast.

After studying election history and procedures for the past week, on Monday students in the K-4 MCES cast their vote either for Trump or Joe Biden.

One kindergartner told the Times News she was riding the “Trump Train Choo Choo” because that’s what her mommy says every morning. Another kindergartner said he didn’t vote for Trump, although he couldn’t remember the name of the guy he did vote for.

When clumped in large groups, however, students definitely had a pro-Trump buzz about them.

Monday’s mock election was coordinated by third-grade teacher Kim McCann, who noted that on Election Day the school becomes a voting precinct.

“We wanted them to be able to experience what their parents go through when they come in, to go through the voting process to cast their vote,” McCann said. “Each classroom will have an opportunity to come out today, they’ll sign in at the table and look at the candidates posted on the wall. Then they will go into the cafeteria, and we have three (polling booths) set up. We have it sectioned off just like when we go vote, and they’ll go in and cast their vote, either for President Trump or Joe Biden.”

“You could feel the anticipation with the kids talking about it,” McCann said. “They’re anxious to be able to come and cast their vote. Several in one of my classes today wanted to know why their vote will not count. So we went back to reading and learned that you have to be 18 to vote. But within our school their vote will count.”

McCann added, “You can feel the excitement a little bit, especially as they were coming to lunch and began to see the different posters and the candidates on the wall. You could fee it rising a little bit. It is exciting. It’s an exciting time of the year. History is being made. History is in the making and we’ve talked about that.”