ROGERSVILLE — When the 2020-21 school year ends later this month, Hawkins County’s two oldest and smallest elementary schools will close for good.

'A great foundation': Hawkins judge shares memories of attending McPheeters Bend Elementary
'Everything is on the table': Hawkins teachers, schools could be cut based on new study

Hawkins County director of schools Matt Hixson faced an emotional community at Keplar Elementary in July of 2019 after the Board of Education voted to relocated the school's 4th and 5th grades to Hawkins Elementary. The BOE ultimately reversed that decision but then voted last year to close Keplar and McPheeters Bend at the end of this school year.

'As good as you can get': Recent Princeton grad shares memories of Keplar Elementary

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Keplar Elementary file photo

Hawkins County’s Keplar Elementary, which was closed at the end of the 2020-21 school year, may be going on the auction block soon.

McPheeters Bend Elemetnary (Heather Bland 002)

McPheeters Bend Elementary student Zoey Bland celebrates her first day of school this past August, which was the beginning of the last year of the school's existance. 

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