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KINGSPORT — Eastman Chemical Co. can add its latest bioplastics award to its list of achievements.

The Plastics Industry Association Bioplastics Division named Eastman as the winner of the 2021 Innovations in Bioplastics Award.

According to a press release announcing the award, Eastman was recognized for its cellulose-based compostable material, Aventa Renew, which was created to help with food service sustainability and food packaging.

Aventa Renew is a combination of wood pulp and certified recycled content. The release said the material can be disposed of “responsibly through composting, while providing the same performance as traditional plastics to ensure a safe and convenient user experience.”

“We are honored to receive this Bioplastic Innovation Award from the Plastics Industry Association,” Eastman Director of Corporate Innovation David Nelson stated in the release.

“We look forward to helping food service brands achieve their sustainability goals by developing packaging that doesn’t compromise customer experience and enables a responsible end-of-use through composting.”

Aventa Renew helps keep plastics out of landfills at two stages: when it is made and when it is composted, the release said. It also said Aventa Renew uses sustainably sourced wood pulp where Eastman holds the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification ensuring the traceability of its wood-based material. And the recycled content of Aventa Renew is achieved through Eastman’s Chemical Recycling Technology, which uses a mass balance allocation process certified by International Sustainability & Carbon Certification.

“We are excited to present the Innovation in Bioplastics Award to Eastman, recognizing Aventa Renew and their years of work in its development,” said Patrick Krieger, the senior director of materials and sustainability at PLASTICS. “Aventa Renew demonstrates that Eastman is at the cutting edge in addressing plastic waste, food waste, and climate change through scientific ingenuity. Congratulations to the team at Eastman.”

The Innovation in Bioplastics Award is announced annually during PLASTICS’ Bioplastics Division’s Bioplastics Week. Bioplastics Week is a social media-driven initiative created to increase the visibility of bioplastics and educate people about the many benefits of bioplastics. To learn more about Eastman and Eastman Aventa Renew, go to eastman.com.

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