ROGERSVILLE — Police Tasered a Greeneville man following a lengthy chase involving a stolen motorcycle and then a foot pursuit.

Rogersville Police Department Officer Josh Byrd wrote in his report that Robert Arthur Leeper, 33, 104 Young Circle, Greeneville, made it about 35 yards from the bike before Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Stephanie Bolognese hit him with a five-second Taser discharge, causing him to drop to the ground.

Shortly before midnight on Monday, Byrd observed a motorcycle with no taillight traveling north on Route 66-S in Rogersville.

According to Byrd, when he turned to initiate a traffic stop, the motorcycle accelerated and exited onto West Main Street, where it ran a stop sign and used Sneedville Pike access to enter the eastbound lane of Highway 11-W.

Byrd was able to call in the license plate on the motorcycle, which came back reported stolen out of Hawkins County.

The motorcycle continued east on Highway 11-W at speeds of 90 mph until turning right onto Park Boulevard toward East Main Street, Byrd said.

The rider, who was later identified as Leeper, led Byrd from Main Street to Burem Road and then along multiple residential roads before reaching Route 70-S. From there, Byrd said he observed Leeper turn onto Old Route 66, where he drove on the wrong side of the road.

Eventually, Leeper led Byrd and other officers back onto Route 66-S, where he hit 90 mph again before turning onto Route 113.

“Continuing at a high rate of speed, the vehicle traveled several miles before attempting to turn onto Prices Grove Road,” Byrd said. “At this time, the rider dropped the motorcycle on the ground and attempted to evade officers on foot.”

Byrd noted that after Leeper was Tasered, there was a brief struggle before Leeper was taken into custody. Byrd said he was familiar with Leeper, who was arrested in 2019 after fleeing from Byrd on a motorcycle.

At the time of his arrest Monday night, Leeper had a probation violation warrant pending from that 2019 arrest.

He was arraigned Wednesday on charges including felony evading arrest, possession of stolen property over $2,500, evading arrest on foot, resisting arrest, six stop sign violations, no insurance and a light law violation.

He was ordered held in the Hawkins County Jail without bond pending a preliminary hearing set for April 21.

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