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KINGSPORT — A Kingsport man recently told police he was carjacked by a young man with a shaved head and facial tattoo after seeing the man’s vehicle broken down on Fairview Avenue.

According to the incident report, the alleged carjacking took place around 9:22 p.m. on Jan. 9 near the intersection of Fairview and Pendleton Street. The victim was driving his wife’s 2006 Honda Accord, and as he approached Pendleton, he said he saw an older model Ford F-150 disabled beside the road.

The victim told police standing beside the truck was a white male in his mid 20s, standing 6 feet tall with a shaved head and facial tattoo and wearing a black coat, black pants and boots. The victim asked the man if he needed help, and in response, the suspect allegedly pulled a black and silver pistol and pointed it at him.

“I guess I will just take yours,” the man told the victim before getting into the Honda and forcing him into the passenger seat.

The carjacker then drove off down Fairview, but as they approached Allen Drive, they grazed an oncoming vehicle and went off the roadway. Once the vehicle stopped, the victim fled and called his wife to come pick him up.

Police report both airbags were deployed, but no marks were found on the victim. An officer also drove down Fairview and did not notice a truck matching the victim’s description.


A 19-year-old woman contacted the Kingsport Police Department on Jan. 11 about being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. The two had broken up after Christmas. Since then, the incident report states, the ex-boyfriend constantly texts and calls her, has sat outside her house on multiple occasions, has followed her and her friends “aggressively” and nearly run them off the road.

While at Walmart with a male friend, the 19-year-old said her ex-boyfriend pulled his truck in front of their vehicle, blocking them from leaving, and even getting to the point of fighting them in the parking lot. The woman also claimed her ex had called her multiple times threatening to kill her family and burn her house down.

According to the report, an officer spoke with the ex-boyfriend, who claimed the 19-year-old was the one actually initiating conversations with him and that he had not been making any threats to her. The officer advised both parties to cease all future communications.


A suspicious-looking man was lingering in the parking lot of Bahama Breeze recently, and the following encounter prompted one female employee to call the police. According to the incident report, the encounter took place around 12:40 p.m. on Jan. 11.

The employee told police the man was walking around the parking lot before entering the store and asking the woman who owned a black SUV parked outside. When the woman said she owned the vehicle, she asked the man why he needed to know.

“Nothing you need to know about,” the man allegedly told the woman.

After walking outside, the woman recognized the man as Joshua Christensen, the man allegedly responsible for tying a bungee cord around the back door at the home of one of her employees.

Police spoke with Christensen outside the business, and Christensen said he was waiting on a friend to let him in Anytime Fitness to take a shower. A short time later, Christensen was arrested and charged with stalking.


An unusual incident took place in downtown Kingsport, where a man was seen yelling randomly and jumping into traffic. According to the Kingsport Police Department, the incident occurred shortly after 11 a.m. on Jan. 11 near the intersection of Commerce and East Market streets.

An officer who responded to the scene located Ronald James, whom he had dealt with an hour earlier in an alley behind OEC Systems. In the alley, James was yelling and cursing loudly, but after talking with the officer, agreed to stop and leave the area.

According to the report, a witness told police James was again yelling and cursing near Commerce and Market as well as leaping into traffic at about 11 a.m.

James was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

While in jail, James said he would be willing to talk to a social worker about his ongoing mental health and substance abuse problems.