Evelyn Mae Boswell

No charges have been placed in the death of Evelyn Mae Boswell, which remains under investigation.

BLOUNTVILLE — Megan Boswell is next scheduled in court on Aug. 28, nine days after District Attorney General Barry Staubus, 2nd Judicial District, plans to present “additional matters” regarding Boswell to a Sullivan County grand jury.

Boswell, mother of toddler Evelyn Mae Boswell — found dead earlier this year on property owned by Boswell’s family — appeared before Criminal Court Judge James F. Goodwin via video on Friday.

It took about two minutes for Goodwin to hear Staubus’ statement regarding the grand jury on Aug. 19 and then to reset Boswell’s announcement hearing to Aug. 28.

Boswell was last in court on May 30, also by videoconferencing, for arraignment on 11 counts of false reporting a Sullivan County grand jury indicted her on a week earlier. During that arraignment, Boswell waived the reading of the charges and entered a not guilty plea.

All the charges are related to statements she made to police when her 15-month-old daughter was missing.

No charges have been placed in the child’s death, which remains under investigation.

Evelyn was first reported missing on Feb. 18, but police have said their last credible report of her being seen was about two months prior.