Northeast Tennessee’s daily COVID-19 new case count topped 200 on Friday as the statewide number topped 3,000.

Virginia officials also reported 14 new cases in the LENOWISCO Health District.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health COVID-19 tracking webpage (, the state added 3,088 cases and 27 deaths in Friday’s data, bringing the pandemic total to 105,959 and 1,060 deaths.

Friday marked the 36th day of 1,000-plus case increases for the Volunteer State.

In Northeast Tennessee, seven counties saw a total of 229 cases and three deaths Friday. Washington County posted 73 cases for a pandemic total of 943 and two deaths, and Sullivan County added 45 cases and one death for totals of 729 and eight.

Carter County’s totals rose by 36 cases and one death for totals of 390 and five. Hawkins County added 24 cases and a death for 291 and four deaths. Johnson County also saw 24 new cases for 116 and no deaths.

Greene County recorded a 20-case climb Friday to 344 and five deaths, while Unicoi County added seven cases for a total of 129 and no deaths.

According to the Virginia Department of Health’s Friday report (, the state reported 984 new cases and 33 deaths in the previous 24 hours for pandemic totals of 89,888 and 2,174. Far Southwest Virginia saw 14 new cases and one death, for 232 and seven deaths in the LENOWISCO Health District. Lee County’s totals rose by five cases and one death for totals of 91 and one.

Scott and Wise counties each added four cases but no deaths to their pandemic tallies. Scott County stands at 51 cases and three deaths, while Wise County’s totals are 79 cases and three deaths. Norton’s total rose by one case to 11 and no deaths.

Wise County Administra- tor Mike Hatfield said Thursday that the county administrative offices would remain closed as officials monitor the COVID-19 situation.

In Tennessee, total testing reached 1,512,224 on Friday, for 22.44% of the state’s 6.83 million population, with 124,910 positive results and 1,387,314 negative.

In Northeast Tennessee, Friday’s testing results by county stood at:

• Hawkins, 5,154 (339 positive, 4,815 negative) of 56,786 residents, or 9.08%

• Sullivan, 13,657 (768 positive, 12,889 negative) of 158,348, or 8.63%

• Washington, 15,370 (1,074 positive, 14,296 negative) of 129,375, or 11.88%

• Johnson, 3,349 (122 positive, 3,227 negative) of 17,788, or 18.83%

• Carter, 7,534 (427 positive, 7,107 negative) of 56,391, or 13.36%

• Greene, 7,491 (412 positive, 7,079 negative) of 69,069, or 10.85%

• Unicoi, 3,117 (137 positive, 2,980 negative) of 17,883, or 17.43%

The Virginia-wide testing rate for people with nasal swab and blood tests in Friday’s report was 1,211,622 of 8.63 million state residents, or 14.04%.

For nasal swab testing only, 1,107,360 people have been tested to date, or 12.83%.

In the LENOWISCO district, according to Friday’s online data, 7,287 of 86,471 residents have been tested via nasal swab sample for COVID-19, or 8.43%.

Testing rates by locality were:

• Lee County, 2,001 of 23,423, or 8.43%

• Norton, 726 of 3,981, or 18.24%

• Wise County, 2,985 of 37,383, or 7.99%

• Scott County, 1,575 of 21,566, or 7.3%