Northeast Tennessee’s daily COVID-19 case count rose by more than 100 cases Sunday, while Virginia crossed the 100,000 mark for pandemic cases.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health COVID-19 tracking webpage (, the state added 2,127 cases and eight deaths Sunday for statewide pandemic totals of 122,712 and 1,223 deaths.

Sunday also marked 45 days of 1,000-plus daily case increases for Tennessee during the pandemic.

In Northeast Tennessee, seven counties saw a total of 135 cases and no deaths. Sullivan County’s total rose by 32 cases for totals of 994 and two deaths. Washington County saw the next-largest case increase in the region Sunday — 27 cases for a pandemic total of 1,252 and two deaths.

Greene County added 25 cases for totals of 492 and eight.

Hawkins County saw 21 new cases for 472 and seven deaths to date. Johnson County’s total rose by 15 cases for 280 and no deaths. Carter County added 10 cases to its total for 522 and six deaths.

Unicoi County’s total rose by five for 166 cases and no deaths.

To see recent case rates by county and data on long-term care facilities, visit

According to the Virginia Department of Health’s Sunday report (, the state saw 897 new cases and four deaths in the prior 24 hours for pandemic totals of 100,086 and 2,326.

Far Southwest Virginia saw six new cases and no deaths in the VDH report, for 354 cases and seven deaths in the LENOWISCO Health District during the pandemic. Wise County’s total rose by four for 130 cases and three deaths. Scott County added one case for 91 and three deaths.

Lee County’s total rose by one for 115 and one death. Norton remained at 18 and no deaths.

Total testing in Tennessee reached 1,711,319 Sunday, for 25.06% of the state’s population of 6.83 million, with 144,931 positive results and 1,566,388 negative.

In Northeast Tennessee, Sunday’s testing results by county stood at:

• Hawkins, 6,156 (531 positive, 5,625 negative) of 56,786 residents, or 10.84%.

• Sullivan, 16,999 (1,059 positive, 15,940 negative) of 158,348, or 10.73%.

• Washington, 18,370 (1,419 positive, 16,951 negative) of 129,375, or 14.2%.

• Johnson, 4,176 (289 positive, 3,887 negative) of 17,788, or 23.48%.

• Carter, 9,244 (574 positive, 8,670 negative) of 56,391, or 16.39%.

• Greene, 8,759 (569 positive, 8,190 negative) of 69,069, or 12.68%.

• Unicoi, 3,499 (178 positive, 3,321 negative) of 17,883, or 19.57%.

The Virginia testing rate for people with nasal swab and blood tests in Sunday’s VDH report was 1,350,486 of 8.63 million state residents, or 15.65%. For nasal swab testing only, 1,240,339 people have been tested to date, or 14.37%.

In the LENOWISCO district, according to Sunday’s online data, 8,280 of the district’s population of 86,471 have been tested via nasal swab sample for COVID-19, or 9.58%.

Test rates by locality were:

• Lee County, 2,258 of 23,423, or 9.58%.

• Norton, 826 of 3,981, or 20.75%.

• Wise County, 3,364 of 37,383, or 9%.

• Scott County, 1,832 of 21,566, or 8.49%.

Do you think you may have COVID-19? Local health departments provide free testing.

The Sullivan County Health Department conducts testing for the virus, by appointment, each Tuesday at health department offices from 9-11 a.m. and from 1-3 p.m.

Testing also is available, by appointment, other days of the week. Call the Sullivan County Health Department at (423) 279-2777 to set up an appointment.

The health departments in Hawkins and Washington counties also provide COVID-19 testing. You can reach the Hawkins County Health Department by calling (423) 357-5341.

The Washington County Health Department can be reached at (423) 975-2200.

The LENOWISCO Health Department, which covers Norton and Lee, Wise and Scott counties, posts regular updates on testing sites across the district and offers free COVID-19 tests at its county offices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. Those seeking a test must call in advance for an appointment. Contact numbers for the county offices are:

• Lee County (Jonesville) — (276) 346-2011

• Scott County (Gate City) — (276) 386-1312

• Wise County and Norton (Wise) — (276) 328-8000

Additional testing and COVID-19 precaution information can be found at the LENOWISCO Health District’s Facebook page —

In Southwest Virginia, online resources are available to help evaluate whether residents might be infected and where to get a COVID-19 test. The Virginia Department of Health’s COVIDCHECK ( can walk users through symptoms they may be experiencing and help direct them to their local health department office or other available testing sites.