Sullivan County

Recorded June 16

Stephen G. Scheideler to Mark Anthony Hagy and Racheal L. Mayo, with Katherine Scheideler as party of the third part, district 11, lot 14 and part of lot 15, block 11, Sevier Terrace Addition, $229,000.

Emily R. Middleton and husband to Isaac J. Bradshaw and wife, district 10, lots 1 and 2, Wonder Acres Subdivision, $280,500.

James Fletcher to Joseph Pellettere and wife, 0.38 acre, $175,000.

Allen L. Smoak to Sonya K. Olson, district 9, unit 33, Stratford Glen, Phase 6, $147,000.

Jacob Chandler and Linda S. Chandler to William S. Barnett, district 11, lot 1 and part of lot 17, block 224, Greenacres Addition, $169,000.

Josh Holsclaw and Ava Holsclaw to Ava Holsclaw, 0.662 acre, quitclaim.

Eduardo D. Aguas and Elena Y. Aguas to Joe Minor, district 17, lot 15, Springdale Subdivision, $55,000.

Phillip Patrick Maher to Phillip Patrick Maher and Dennis Michael Maher, district 13, part of lots 1 and 2, block A, Misty Heights, quitclaim.

Mark Hilliard and wife to Alfredo Sanchez, district 7, no description given, $117,000.

Paul Gruner and wife to Parag Kanitkar and wife, district 12, lot 4, Aesque Addition #2, $53,000.

Ronald L. Seaver and wife to Ronald Woods and wife, district 11, homesite 1710, Pinebrook Place Development, Phase II, $225,500.

Donna L. Cockerham to Angel Garay and wife, district 14, 1.12 acres, $375,000.

Joshua C. Haynie and wife to Brian Anthony Francisco and wife, district 11, lot 14, block A-168, City of Kingsport, $100,950.

Victor Hardy to Jonathan Gabriel and wife, district 5, lot 67, Sunny Hills Subdivision, $225,000.

Gina Louise Hoffman and husband to Robert Daniel Wallace and wife, district 11, lot 6, block 2, West Holston Hills, $245,000.

Stacey R. Crowe and husband to Billy I. Hill, district 10, lot 38, Cressell Farm Subdivision 2, $110,000.

Mark A. Crawford to Richard L. Crawford and wife, district 15, 9.78 acres, quitclaim.

Jim V. Salyers to Cathy L. McConnell, district 12, lots 2 and 3, block 1, Lynn Gardens Addition, $81,000.

Rebekah Reynolds to Tracey Labass and Eric L. Labass, district 6, lot 21, block B, Green Hills Subdivision, $111,000.

Patricia Kay Erdmann to Michael Ball and Sonseeahray M. Ramminger, district 16, 5.00 acres, $175,000.

Recorded June 17

Richard N. Cundy and Elizabeth Anne Cundy to Billy J. Caudle III and wife, district 2, no description given, $185,000.

Johnny L. Morris Jr. and wife to Deanna Thomas and Joshua Doyle, district 4, lot 15 and part of lot 16, section 3, Stonebrook Estates, $200,000.

Seth Blevins and wife to Wesley Clayton Wilson and wife, district 7, lot 11, Old Mill Park, $261,500.

Aubrey Powers to Patti J. Baker, district 11, lot 11, block 2, Dorna Court, no amount given.

Judy Ellen Jessee to Zan Ray McCracken, district 17, lots 20 and 21, block 16, Lakeside Addition, quitclaim.

Phillip D. Shipley and wife to Jilda A.S. Fandl and husband, district 20, 2.00 acres, quitclaim.

Jilda A.S. Fandl and husband to Logan Blake Shipley and wife, district 20, 1.75 acres, quitclaim.

Randy Shipley to Allen Edward Booher, district 2, lot 3, block 4, Delaney Farm, $50,000.

Recorded June 18

Karina D. Wood and Donna K. Lovell to Kristen Daley, district 12, part of lots 15 and 16, block 24, Sevier Terrace Addition, $165,000.

Randall Kilgore to Kristin D. Hensley, district 10, 0.2224 acres, $74,200.

Frank C. Lopez to April Michelle Peaks Lopez, district 1, 0.64 acres, quitclaim.

Lisa A. Mullins to Stephanie R. Moore-Meade, with Bill Mullins as party of the third part, district 8, lot 7, block C, section 2, Country Lake Estates, $285,500.

Rodney Hurd to Ruth Chapman, lot 2, Joseph W. Richard property, quitclaim.

Garry Smith to Garry Smith and Tina R. Leonard, district 3, 5.03 acres, quitclaim.

Garry Smith as trustee of the MG Irrevocable Trust to Donald Lee Wade Jr., district 5, .13 acres, quitclaim.

Gladys Hyder to Marcus Alan Durham, district 11, lot 8, block 60, no amount given.

Daniel L. Hardin and wife to Gregg A. Doiron and wife, district 11, unit 1412, Skyland Falls Condominiums, $249,900.

Molly Blankenbeckler and husband to Jeffrey R. Yount and Derek Yates, district 12, lot 13, block 41, Sevier Terrace Realty Company’s Addition, $145,000.

David J. Wriglesworth and wife to Veronica Cresci and Donald Cameron, district 17, lot 14, F.K. Carrier Farm, $246,000.

Peggy A. Woods to Kay Galliher, district 17, lots 20 and 21, block A, Cedar Valley, $187,500.

John Terry and wife to Michael E. Bender and wife, district 14, lot 3, section 3, Summer Hills, $391,500.

Bob L. Brown and wife to Thomas W. Goldman and wife, district 18, lot 23, Grande Harbor, Phase IV, $305,000.

Noble Robert White and wife to Misty L. Lane, district 11, lot 20, block 74, Kingsport Townsite Addition 3, $70,000.

Edith Darlynn King to Phyllis Bowie, district 4, no description given, $147,000.

Robert A. Hull and wife to Daniel T. Seidel and wife, district 5, two acres, $375,500.

Joe Blackburn to Chris M. Dinkel and Lindsey G. Emmel, with Sandra Blackburn as party of the third part, 0.345 acres, $17,500.

Recorded June 21

Mark Eades to Rex Eric Combs and Trevor A. Combs, district 1, 0.95 acres, $35,000.

Judy A. Kelley to Robert D. Galleger and wife, district 20, 1.0022 acres, $110,000.

Patricia S. Cox and others to Robert Miller and wife, district 12, unit 1901, Manor Court Villas, $215,000.

Rebecca Utsman and Josh Utsman to Jennifer L. Stout, district 16, lot 2, block B, section 1, Union Park Subdivision, $206,000.

Linda Burrow and husband to Owen Grove and wife, district 14, 0.7521 acres, $35,000.

Shonna Jo McVey to Shonna Jo Morenings and husband, district 4, lot 33, Tennessee Hills, quitclaim.

Richard A. Quiggle and wife and other to Richard A. Quiggle and wife and others, two parcels, quitclaim.

Ronald O. Porter to Charles William Cole, district 5, tract 6, Holt Estate Property, $178,000.

Edwin Kilgore and wife to Carson A. Gallimore, district 12, lot 9,

Kingsport Corporation property - Roller Tract, $12,000.

Linda Sue Birdwell to Jesus Rodriguez and others, district 14, 38.54 acres, no amount given.

Jacob A. Mims and Alex Y. Mims to Jacob A. Mims and others, district 15, 1.14 acres, quitclaim.

Charles D. Honaker Jr. and wife to Lesa Danelle Moore, district 11, lots 21 and 22, block 1, Glenwood Heights Addition, $187,500.

Thomas G. Palmer and Kathleen S. Palmer to Jessica V. Palmer, district 12, unit 1, Sharon Key Condominium, quitclaim.

Dustin Scott Dooley and Karen Eileen Dooley to Janet I. Stamper, district 10, lot 35 and part of lot 37, N.M. and Cora M. Dickson Subdivision, $78,000.

Allen K. Clark and wife to Phillip M. Blevins and wife, district 18, 4.45 acres, $21,500.

Stacy R. Snodgrass and wife to Grace B. Saylor, district 11, lot 36 and part of lot 35, block B, Belvue Addition, $149,500.

Larry Nathan Sanders Jr. and Angela L. Sanders to Ronald Dwight Campbell and Michele Ann Campbell, district 9, lot 27, Dogwood Park Subdivision, Section II, $227,000.

Cathy S. Stanley to Jeffrey P. Oakes and wife, district 7, lot 8, block B, Scenic Woods Subdivision, $154,000.

Chris B. Lacey and Pamela D. Lacey to the State of Tennessee, two parcels, no amount given.

Recorded June 22

Charles D. Mullins to Tiffney Lea Hatch and others, district 14, lots 44 and 45, section 2, Quail Run Subdivision, $380,000.

Timothy Blaine Goodson to James S. Vanderhoof Sr., district 11, lot 11, Litton Addition Subdivision, $210,000.

Casey Austin Dye and Caleb Bryant Sample to Brian Crutchfield and wife, district 17, no description given, $124,900.

Janice Clark and others to Harmony Church Missions, district 10, lots 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, re-subdivision of S.P. Lessley Farm, quitclaim.

Charles R. Isley to Thomas A. Davis and wife, district 10, 4.260 acres, quitclaim.

Coantha Bretana to Blake Thompson, district 11, lot 94X, block 7, Cherokee Village, $42,929.

Wesley C. Wilson and wife to Katelyn Drye and Opal Pearson, district 13, 2.863 acres, $235,000.

Susan Davis to Jeffrey Manon and Sandra J. Manon, district 7, no description given, $251,000.

Stephen K. Strickler and Carmen Sue Strickler to Carmen Sue Strickler, district 14, lot 18, Slaughter Subdivision, quitclaim.

C.H. Bryant to Sidney A. Bryant, district 7, lot 11, block 13, Indian Hills Estates, quitclaim.

Robert L. Lingerfelt and Jackie D. Clawson to Patton W. Clawson and wife, district 11, lot 5, block A, Ridgehaven, $54,000.

Jeffery D. Hammonds to the State of Tennessee, 0.114 acres, no amount given.

Billy Joe Vanderpool and wife to Joel Scott Sherfey, district 11, lot 49, block 194, City of Kingsport, quitclaim.

Jeffrey M. Altom to David Surgener, district 10, lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, block E, Geo. D. Gaines Farm Subdivision, E.E. Hooven Subdivision #3, $8,000.

Joshua Boggs and Michael Prough to Anna-Leigh London, district 17, lot 10, block 51, Bristol Land and Improvement Company’s Fairmount Addition, $285,500.

Vanessa Dale Livesay to Vanessa Dale Livesay and Debra Gilreath, district 12, lot 5, block 3, Bays Run Subdivision, quitclaim.

Amanda Everett to Daniel Everett and wife, district 10, lot 3, block C, re-subdivision of N.M. and Cora M. Dickson Subdivision, quitclaim.


Recorded June 23

Carl Reinhart to Nicholas J. Reinhart and Denise G. Reinhart, district 2, part of lot 19, part of lot 20, part of lot 21, part of lot 22, Lakemont, quitclaim.

Zula King to Michael J. Davis and Rebecca L. Davis, district 1, 7.5 acres, lot 3, King Property, $132,600.

Douglas Messer and Delores Johnson to DD & T Farm LLC, district 4, 1.4 acres, lot 38R, Revision of Lots 35-40, Double J Farms, quitclaim.

Geoffrey Marsden and Stephanie Harris to Brian Strine and Sophie Marsden, no district given, 0.5 of an acre, part of lot 5, Sterling Greene, quitclaim.

Allison L. Coven to Smartbuy Cars and Trucks LLC, district 4, lot 8, lot 9, lot 10, Fulkerson Addition, $160,000.

Alisa Ward Poe, IND and Executor to the Estate of Doyle Ward to Nancy I. Kirby, district 4, lot 12, Evergreen Condominiums, $150,000.

Clayton Hoffman Lamb and others to Ada McLain to Mark P. Radenbaugh and Tammy C. Radenbaugh, district 6, lot 1, lot 2, lot 3, Ivan Christian Property, $45,000.

Gary Hunley to Reginald Duane Kinnaman and Debra Lynn Kinnaman, district 9, lot 8, lot 16, lot 17, part of C. C. Bradshaw Farm, $69,000.

Clifford E. Jones, Jr., and Cathy C. Jones to Randy L. Patterson and Kathy T. Patterson, district 5, lot 32, Allenwood, $20,000.

David R. Miller to Michael D. Richards and Sarah D. Richards, Trustees to the Richards Joint Living Trust, district 2, parcel of land, no description, $221,500.

Clayton Hoffman Lamb and others to Amy Clamon, Hoffman Heights, $10,000.

Clayton Hoffman Lamb and others to Patricia Yingling and David Yingling, district 6, lot 4, Hoffman Heights, $12,500.

Apple Tree Centre LLC to Michael D. Seal, district 4, lot B, lot E, lot F, lot G, Olde Mill Square II Condominiums, $180,000.

Bennie R. Damron to Teresa Sexton and Sharon Brooks, district 5, lot 12, phase 1, Armstead, $5,000.

Paula Robin Jarvis, IND and AIF and others to John R. Carter, Sr. and Charles E. Skeen, district 1, 10.35 acres, lot 2, Plat of Paula and William Jarvis Property, $31,050.

Recorded June 24

Charlotte M. Purkes and Cecil E. Purkes to Frank Hall and Bernice Hall, district 5, part of lot 13, W. P. Bray Farm, $82,850.

James D. Arnott, Jr. and Deborah K. Arnott to Justin Presley, district 4, 0.93 of an acre, Lyda G. Greene Property, $42,000.

Nancy Morelock Crawford to Andres M. Moratalla and Sherrie L. Moratalla, district 6, 27.25 acres, $140,000.

William L. Hastings to Jamison Buckley and Jessica Nicole Buckley, district 9, lot 9, lot 10, lot 11, lot 12, King, $210,550.

Wendell Craig Siemsen aka W. Craig Siemsen and Catherine A. Siemsen to Wendell Craig Siemsen and Catherine A. Siemsen, district 2, lot 181, lot 182, lot 183, phase 2, Chelaque, quitclaim.

Robert W. Johnson and Karen A. Johnson to Gary Krentz and Becky Krentz, district 3, 9.57 acres, lot 2, lot 3, Eileen Salyers Property, $45,000.

Tanya Long,Eric Long nd Roberta Mae Tabor, Deceased to Karen K. Fletcher, district 7, part of lot 1, part of lot 2, Lochie and Melody Shipley Property, Division of Lochie and Melody Shipley Property, $365,000.

Stephen Adams to Dean Murphy and Helen Murphy, district 1, 0.99 of an acre, part of lot 18, Grand Edward Bowlin Property, $47,900.

Bennie R. Damron to Sharon Opal Brooks and Teresa Sexton, district 5, lot 11, phase 1, Armstead, $54,160.

Orven Morelock aka Harold Orven Morelock to Harold Orven Morelock, Jr. and Ashley Nicole Morelock, district 7, lot 111, phase 3, Hammond Estates, quitclaim.

Isaac Dean Harris and Michael Dale Harris, Heirs of Paula Harris to Isaac Dean Harris and Angelica Love Harris, district 4, lot 133, Green Acres, quitclaim.

Recorded June 25

Mary Gosnell to Joan L. Hurd, 1 acre, 4.901 acres, lot 3, Ben Melton Property, $15,000.

Jesus Ayala to Geraro Miguel Ascencio, district 8, part of lot 3, part of lot 7, Moore Addition, $1,000.

Crystal D. Stallard to Mark T. Yonts and Rebecca A. Yonts, no district given, parcel of land, no description, no amount given.

Sheree Lynn Rines to Ellis Rines, district 6, 1.45 acres, Ellis Rines Property, quitclaim.

Teresa Jones, IND and AIF and others to Jonathan D. Lovelace, district 9, lot 15, part of lot 16, part of lot 17, C. C. Bradshaw Property, $50,000.

Recorded June 28

Martin Jeffery Fleenor to Clifford E. Jones III and Rachel B. Jones, district 7, 0.35 of an acre, Betty Fleenor Estate, $150,000.

Danny Owen and Tommy S. Henard to John Glynn Deering, district 4, lot 5, Deerfoot, $20,500.

Michael Anthony Arrington and Kawena Dawne Arrington to

Anthony Steele and Liesa Amber Lynn Steele, district 7, 1.18 acres, Survey of Ronald L. Ramsey, quitclaim.

Fred W. Leigh to Michael Soderburg and Shelia Soderburg, district 4, lot 31, phase 1, Austin Pointe, $10,000.

Martye S. Whitsell Hicks and Koti M. Whitsell Hicks to Jeremy D. Arnold and Rebecca S. Arnold, no district given, lot 11, Marshall Estates, $216,000.

Richard E. Byrd, Jr. and

Robin Byrd to Ethan Robert

Suders, district 6, 16.11 acres,

Norma Jean White Property, $53,000.

James Ralph Bridger and Melanie Ann Bridger to Ethan Robert Suders, district 6, 16.11 acres, phase 8A, Norma Jean White Property, $56,000.

Glenn R. Bull to Angela Asbury, district 8, parcel of land, no description, quitclaim.

Jay D. Hackwell and others to Joanne M. Hackwell and Jay D. Hackwell, district 2, lot 3, George L. and Lois Viney Brooks Estate, quitclaim.

Douglas Wayne Woods to Penelope Harde, district 3, 2 acres, $8,200.

Jerry Lane and Loretta Lane to Travis James Burrell, district 5. 0.77 of an acre, $465,000.

Shirley L. Smith to Anthony J. Papetti and Brittany Papetti, district 1, 3.48 acres, Shirley Smith Property, $2,000.

Michael Linkous and others to Michael John Putnam and Donna Lynne Putnam, district 5, 8 acres, $289,000.

Recorded June 29

Janice Brooks to Roger D. Stewart, Sr. district 5, 19.64 acres, Joey Barton and Janice Brooks Property, quitclaim.

Wayne Fain to Dennis C. Hickman and Sarah E. Hickman, district 7, parcel of land, no description, $135,000.

Charles D. Smith and Alice E. Smith to Avery L. Rhoton and Baylee A. Rhoton, district 7, lot 49, Bays Cove, $250,000.

James F. Walker and Ruth Walker to Sarah Kelley and Christopher E. Kelley, district 4, 3.68 acres, Wayne Morrison ET UX Imogene Addition, $199,900.

Brenda Davis to Kenneth W. Pfeiffer and Judy L. Pfeiffer, district 9, lot 77, phase 1 , Fox Meadows, $258,000.

James N. Diley and Linda J. Link to Peter C. Missi, district 1, 0.45 of an acre, $97,800.

Sharon Elizabeth Westlund,

IND and Trustee to the Sharon Elizabeth Westlund Revocable

Trust to Stacy C. Duty and

Tina Y. Duty, district 2, lot 82A, phase 2, lot 83, phase 2, Legacy Bay, $465,000.

Recorded June 30

Angela F. Birdsong and William Birdsong to Thomas H. Skelton and Gina R. Skelton, district 7, part of lot 16A, part of lot 17A, G. E. Glass Farm, quitclaim.

Sandra Yvette Morelock to Whitney Brooke Light, district 6, 9.34 acres, Steve Morelock Property, $200,000.

Samuel Todd Young, Trustee to the Redlands Revocable Trust and Wanda Young to Steven G. Gibson and Kathy L. Gibson, district 1, 6.81 acres, lot 12, Redlands Revocable Trust Property, $60,900.

Lake Access Properties to Southern Home Development LLC, district 2, 6.43 acres, Carl Mooney Estate, $369,000.

Kevin L. Knudsen and Amanda M. Knudsen to Neal D. Schermerhorn, district 1, lot 6, Fred Jones Property, $20,000.


Recorded July 2

Gary Wallen and Margaret Wallen to Eric Halle, lots 10-19, Estillville district, $59,000.

Barbara P. Kilbourne to David Mitchell Kilbourne, three acres of land, Estillville district, deed of gift.

George T. Gilmer and Deborah C. Taylor Gilmer to Samuel H. Gilmer and Samantha J. Gilmer, 1.268 acres of land, Johnson district, deed of gift.

Recorded July 6

George Thomas Gilmer and Deborah C. Gilmer to Walter Wendell White, lots 1-7, Johnson district, $1,000.

Jimmy Lee Qualls to Kevin Richard Beddingfield and Amanda Paulette Beddingfield, parcel 1: lots 1-6, block A, Powell district, parcel 2: part of lots 1 and 2, block A, Powell district, $52,000.

Recorded July 7

Jane G. Sapp to Jeffrey Scott Gardner, 22.11 acres of land, Fulkerson district, $46,400.

Jimmy Ray Collins to Jonathan Kinkead and Mercedes Kinkead, parcel 1: 1.6 acres of land; parcel 2: .8 of an acre of land, Estillville district, $170,000.

Recorded July 8

Robert Shawn Miller to

McMurray Revocable Living Trust and others, .50 of an acre of land, Fulkerson district, $275,000.

Stone Mountain Enterprises LLC to Ronald Dale Osborne, lots 28-32, block 16, Floyd district, deed of gift.

Ronald Wayne Dingus and Ellen Beatrice Dingus to Michelle Leigh Roach and Travis Lee Roach, six acres of land, Floyd district, deed of gift.

Recorded July 9

Charles R. Fields and others to Earl Clendenin, lots 9-12, Estillville district, $45,000.

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