Sullivan County

Recorded May 28

Amanda Paige Cartwright to Brenda Jenkins, district 12, unit 6, Sharon Kay Condominium, $85,000.

Whitney Diann Lowery to Emily Alyssa Fagan, district 14, lot 12, Lake View Subdivision, $181,000.

Tiffany M. Bryant to Glen Elbert Lipford and Anne Lipford, district 16, 0.35 acre, $147,500.

Victory Bible of East Tennessee to Daniel W. Williams, district 9, John W. and Duard B. Walker property, $225,000.

Carolyn Louise Stern to Jessie Aaron Hensley and wife, district 14, two parcels, $100,000.

Dottie S. Blades and Judy L. Tucker to Brodie William Krause and wife, district 11, lot 12, block E, section 2, Preston Forest Subdivision, $344,000.

Janie M. Shope to Calvin Oneal Duvall, district 1, two parcels, $129,900.

Neal P. Booth and wife to Scott G. Krelle and wife, district 2, lot 124, Tara Hills Subdivision, $552,000.

Michael L. Gooch to Cherie E. McKinley, district 12, lots 12 and 13, block 8, Fort Robinson Addition, quitclaim.

Jeffrey Reed Booher to Jordyn P. Osborne and Noah Isaac Abel, district 2, lot 41, Hunter Hills, Section III, Phase II, $100,000.

Kendrick Casey Halsey to Steven Brian Cannon and wife, district 11, lot 12, block 12, Dorna Court, $230,000.

Karen F. Walls to Daniel Townsend, district 17, lot 4, Crescent Links Addition, $65,000.

Omar A. Villasenor and wife to Monica Lee Garcia, district 17, ¼ acre, quitclaim.

Doreen Fontenot and husband to David Hill and Cathy Hill, district 20, lot 61, section 1, Allison Hills, Phase III, $470,000.

Juanita Woods to Christopher Ray Clevinger, district 12, lots 9 and 10, Jack Haire Subdivision, $88,000.

Amanda L. Ward to Brian R. Bowers, district 11, lots 26, 27 and 28, Quillen Heights Addition, $49,000.

Brett A. Herron and wife to Martha T. Rice, district 11, lot 7, block 222, Forest Lawn Subdivision, $115,000.

Joseph R. Cowan Jr. and Phyllis S. Cowan to Todd A. Overbeek Sr. and wife, district 2, 8.75 acres, $83,000.

Walter Michael Cooper and wife to Jessica Renee Mullins, district 11, lot 1, block A, Oakwood Forest Addition, $219,000.

Cliffton Reed to Clayton Michael Carter, district 11, lot 35, block 165, City of Kingsport, $91,500.

Donovan Haga and wife to Bradley Scott Bishop, district 4, lot 82, Fox Meadows Subdivision, Phase 2, $226,000.

William K. Timmons and wife to Davis Trent and wife, district 7, lot 13, section A, Foxfire Subdivision, $639,500.

Kathy Lynn Vesley Pate to Erik C. Fritz and wife, district 11, lot 11, block 186, $127,500.

Margaret E. Elliott to Margaret E. Elliott and Nathan D. Elliott, district 17, lot 1, block 6, Haynesfield Heights, quitclaim.

Robert Brents to Andrew W. Young and wife, district 11, two tracts, $115,000.

Bettye I. Newald to Connie Allen Sykes, district 12, 0.43 acre, quitclaim.

Recorded June 1

Carla O. Stiltner and Tammy Shepherd to Raymond Mims and Joel Rodefer, district 17, two parcels, $57,000.

Timothy Carver to Ronald Everett Sumner, district 12, lots 2 and 3, Mrs. F.R. Mull Property Subdivision, $100,000.

Jerry W. Skeens II and wife to Donovan Haga and wife, district 16, lot 64, Glen Haven Subdivision, Phase 2, $291,000.

Christopher Chase Rachels and wife to Michael G. McGee, district 12, lot 13, Kingsport Corp. property, $135,000.

Mary J. Callahan and Samuel G. Porterfield to Michael R. Warriner and Tracy Warriner, district 18, no description given, $725,000.

D. Mikel Caywood and wife to Graham Clouse and wife, district 13, lot 31, block A, Windmere Place, $320,000.

Kevin Martin to Crystal Nicole Winston, district 5, lots 12 and 13, section 2, Adam Acres Subdivision, $107,500.

Richard Francis Pfeiffer to David Gibbs and Alexandra Weaver, district 8, 0.15 acre, $510,000.

Justin Hilliard and wife to Jenna Trent, district 14, lot 15, Chesterfield Place, $377,000.

Jessica Renee Mullins to Mary K. Kelly, district 11, lot 34, block C, Oakwood Forest Subdivision, $138,000.

Ricky H. Fleenor to John Andrew Weaver III and wife, with Patricia Marie Nangle as party of the third part, $220,000.

Tommy Tylee Henry to Michael Blair and wife, district 10, lot 6, block E, N.M. and Cora M. Dickson Subdivision, $169,500.

Richard Gary Slagle II to Lois Anne Slagle, district 4, lot 41, section 2, High Oaks Addition, quitclaim deed of life estate, no amount given.

Tom L. Coates to Thelma R. Coates, district 15, three parcels, quitclaim.

Tom L. Coates to Thelma R. Coates, district 11, lot 1, block 1168, City of Kingsport, quitclaim.

Wayne D. Johnson and Claire Johnson to Anderson Ray Tarpley III and wife, district 11, lot 18, block C, section 6, Preston Forest Subdivision, $490,000.

Andrew Treadway and Nicole K. Zandee to Andrew Treadway and wife, district 12, lot 7, block A, section A, Hiara Heights, quitclaim.

Vernon Roller and wife to Christopher W. Fetterolf, district 5, 1.86 acres, $197,000.

Kristopher Belcher and wife to Andrew J. Haselden and Etta Baker, district 2, lot 21, Deer Creek at Fairfield Acres, $299,999.

Michael J. Levins to Isreal Malone Gibson and wife, district 2, lot 31, block A, Middlebrook Subdivision, $325,000.

Arthur Eugene Jackson and others to Jonathan F. Cleaver, district 17, lots 7 and 8, block 2, Tremont Addition, $130,100.

Allison Dyer to Landis H. Johnson, district 11, lot 23, block 143, City of Kingsport, $145,000.

Dennis C. Hickman and wife to Linda Winegar and Brittany Davenport, district 11, lot 29, block 3, Woodlawn Addition, $144,000.

Steven G. Neal to David McClain, district 11, lot 20, block 100, City of Kingsport, $70,000.

Jean G. Crowe to Michael Mesa, district 14, lot 11, block F, Echo Valley, $189,000.

Timothy E. Scott and wife to James Hyndman and wife, district 11, lots 4 and 5, block O, section 15, Preston Forest, $642,500.

Michael A. Kassem to Cory S. Moore, district 13, lot 3, block 4, Meadow View Subdivision, $163,000.

Mark Preston McCrary and Jodi Renee Holland to Alex White and wife, district 15, lot 190, Phase 11, Edinburgh, $385,000.

Joshua Routh and Chesney B. Routh to Michael J. Pozeg and Delayna Steadman, district 4, lot 108, Fox Meadows Subdivision, Phase 2, $211,000.

Howard W. Morris and wife to Erik Douglas and Justin Ray Morrell, district 17, lots 3 and 4, block 3, Baylor-Dickey Land, $60,000.

William Joseph Kilgore to Jonathan Mark Willis and wife, district 14, lot 1, block A, Heatherwood Estates Subdivision, $85,000.

Justin N. Moore to Clyde Wayne Carley and wife, district 17, lot 3 and part of lots 2 and 4, block 2, J.M. Barker’s Weaver Pike Addition, $169,500.

Patsy Davis Patrick to Cameron Allen Ritter, with Raymond Patrick as party of the third part, district 17, two parcels, $95,000.

Recorded June 2

Christopher Mowl and wife to Melissa L. McCarthy and husband, district 14, lot 3, block C, West Wendover Hills Subdivision, $196,500.

Terry J. Hopkins and wife to Brian Wright and wife, district 12, lot 12, block 18, Ridgefields, $250,000.

Joseph M. Riffey to Dustin Drake and wife, district 4, lot 44, High Oaks Addition #2, $179,000.

Walter Honaker and wife to Scott A. Gacovsky and wife, district 16, 0.49 acre, $292,000.

Micky J. Clark to Laura L. Clark, district 11, lot 10 and part of lot 9, block 2, Crestwood Addition, quitclaim.

Bill J. Stone and wife to Ginger Eggiman and husband, district 12, lot 2, block 43, Sevier Terrace Addition, $210,000.

Clinton C. Hull and Joy M. Hull to Davis Busteed and wife and other, district 5, 4.41 acres, $265,000.

Tommy Trivett to Tommy W. Trivett and others, district 16, 6.14 acres, quitclaim.

Kenneth Robert Cantrell to Kenneth Robert Cantrell and Kim Smith, district 22, lot 43, Lakeview Estates, quitclaim.

Garrett Adam Johnson to Robert A. Lovingood and wife, with Victoria White Johnson as party of the third part, district 9, unit 13, Lilley Condominiums, Phase II, $205,000.

Teresa Blevins to Thomas Goad, district 17, lot 17, block 55, Fairmont Addition, $173,000.

Gary Elliss Ganyer and Mary Denise Ganyer to John Chase Castle, district 4, unit 1404, Raceday Center II Condominiums, $160,000.

Michael Colby Hall to Ruth L. Vaughan, district 16, lot 11, block A, Highland Subdivision, $142,500.

Mary J. Henry to Michael Robert Bridges, district 7, lot 2, block C, section 3B, Lake Park Estates, $230,000.

Winfield Perry Watkins Jr. to Winfield Perry Watkins III, district 5, two parcels, quitclaim.

Recorded June 3

Scottie Dancy and wife to Larry D. Lyons, district 14, no description given, quitclaim.

Langley Gene Shupe to Donna R. Shupe, district 5, lot 5 and part of lot 12, block 9, Blue Ridge Subdivision, no amount given.

Debra Munoz and husband to Jeffrey Mark Bryant and wife, district 5, lot 3A, Anthony F. Tilley property, $73,000.

Wesley Gragg and wife to Aaron Allen Quales, district 3, 2½ acres, $50,000.

Adam Keith Bobbitt to Jeff Thompson and wife, with Azalee Marie Bobbitt as party of the third part, lot 2, block 81, Fairmount Land Company property, $143,000.

Eileen Bagdoian and Thomas Togneri to Antonio Betancourt, district 4, lot 57, Fox Meadows Subdivision, Phase 1, $86,000.

Jayson E. Hubbs and Samantha L. Hubbs to Jayson E. Hubbs, district 9, no description given, quitclaim.

Michael L. Russell and Sharron Frazier Russell to Timothy Brown and Shelly Brown, district 12, lot 37, block C, section C, Hiara Heights Subdivision, $300,000.

Jayson E. Hubbs to Colin Burdge, district 9, no description given, $120,000.

James K. Hopkins to Heather Joann Hashbarger, district 2, part of lots 8 and 9, block 2, King College Park Development, quitclaim.

Neva Jean Hamilton Mullins to Christopher B. Cundall, with Kaner Mullins as party of the third part, district 17, 0.17 acre, $90,000.

Sondra Hunt Fowler and Stephenie A. Burk to Sondra Hunt Fowler, district 13, two tracts, quitclaim.

Recorded June 4

Donald M. Godsey to Joseph Michael Plecnik, district 14, lot 24, Smith Shoals Subdivision, $705,000.

Samuel Dean Britton and wife to Adam C. Brown and wife, district 11, lot 2, block 109, Kingsport Improvement Corporation, $219,900.

Edith C. Ready to Jayne Marie Russell-Wells and husband, districts 5 and 8, two parcels, $327,000.

Samantha P. Fleming to James Barb and wife, district 2, 0.361 acre, $200,000.

Mary Chapman to Justin Allen Chapman, with Jimmie Chapman as party of the third part, district 21, lot 2, Gordon Peterson property, quitclaim.

Rhonda Bright Lane to Rhonda Bright Lane, district 12, lot 2, Robert F. Bruner property, quitclaim.

Frances Goodman Guinn to Mark Ashley Guinn, district 16, 0.48 acre, quitclaim.

Cody Lee Dingus and wife to Danielle Miller and husband, lot 16, block A, section C, Blue Ridge Estates, $252,000.

Marilyn L. Hall to Terry R. Kaylor, district 11, lot 4, block C191, Greenfields Addition, quitclaim.

Derrick Scott Torres to Stacy Lynn McQueen, district 11, lot 6, block 5, Woodlawn Addition, $175,000.

Alan Stuart Hale to Barbara Ann Chafin, district 17, lot 32, block 78, Fairmount Land Company Addition, $124,000.

Ryan A. Gillum and wife to Aaron J. Mattox and wife, district 1, 6.887 acres, $435,200.

Terry W. Eldridge to William F. Nelms III and wife, district 14, lot 33 and part of lot 32, Patrick Henry Heights, $215,000.

Cassie L. Fields to Donald L. Culhane, district 13, lot 8, Summerview Court Subdivision, quitclaim.

Rebecca B. Harr to L. Mike Bailey, district 10, 1.585 acres, $36,500.

John E. Sullivan III to Michael Mahony and wife, district 14, lots 30 and 31, block B, section 1, Regency Park, $330,000.

Crystal Gray to Daisy B. Gray and husband, district 2, lots 5, 6, 11 and 12, block 4, Tennessee Terrace Addition, quitclaim.

William Childress to Sherry L. Osborne, district 5, 0.52 acre, quitclaim.

Ralph L. Barr Jr. to Brenda Kay Jones, district 5, 1.00 acre, $124,000.


Recorded May 25

Nancy Inez Williams and Samuel Joseph Williams to Norma Wedie Hawkins and others, district 7, 0.43 of an acre, $98,000.

Jody Hoffman and Jan Hoffman to Anthony K. Lifford and Tonya M. Lifford, district 1, 0.688 of an acre, lot 1, Survey for Anthony Lifford, $16,000.

Country Place Incorporated to Robby Bush and others, no district given, 7.48 acres, lot 11, Belgins Run, $58,400.

Chambless R. Johnston and Emmalea E. Johnston to Chambless R. Johnston III and Emmalea E. Johnston, IND and Trustees to the Sanctuary Community Property Trust, district 3, 268.61 acres, quitclaim.

Stacy L. Harris and Tonya Q. Harris to James Bryant, district 7, lot 2, phase 1, Allandale, $25,500.

Joshua K. Daniels to Cody Fobber, district 4, 0.24 of an acre, Denise D. Moody Property, $50,000.

Shirley Eskin Creech and others to Robert Von Maier and Sharon Von Maier, no district given, lot 7, phase 1, Legacy Bay, no amount given.

David L. Foulk and Barbara K. Foulk to Michael Paul Dupree and Susanne Michelle Dupree, district 7, lot 49, Netherland Heights, $127,500.

Frederick P. Price and Joan Price to Michael Amato, district 7, lot 147, phase 3, Hammond Estates, $184,748.

Debbie McGehee, AIF aka Deborah E. McGehee, AIF amd others to Thomas Adams, Jr. and Leslie Adams, district 9, parcel of land, no description, $69,900.

Paula Lynn Paul and Michael J. Fields, district 9, lot 19, lot 20, lot 21, Holston Heights, $184,000.

Jeffery Samuel Stevenson and Susan G. Stevenson to Grace K. Leeman, district 5, lot 1, lot 2, lot 3, C.H. Richardson Addition No. 3, $223,614.

Frank E. Hall and Bernice Hall to Roger Gary Griswold and Cynthia Marie Griswold, district 7, parcel of land, no description, $219,900.

Barry Edwin Cave to Barry Edwin Cave and Vicki Leann Cave, district 7, lot 15, lot 16, B. J. Miller and Jennie Miller Francisco, quitclaim.

Clifford Henry to Karen Costello, district 7, lot 3, Cartersville, $235,000.

Recorded May 26

Charles Gibson to Amy Clamon and Harry Clamon, district 7, 0.21 of an acre, Harry and Amy Clamon Property, quitclaim.

051921 Charles to Amy Clamon and Harry Clamon, district 7, 0.21 of an acre, quitclaim.

Brian J. Vaughn to Sonya W. Vaughn, district 4, lot 11, Meadowbrooke, quitclaim.

Clayton E. Johnston and Melissa Miller Johnston to Roberta Ann Heldenbrand and Curtis Heldenbrand, district 6, Dennie C. Snowden Property, $490,000.

Brianna Kae Vaughan to Christopher Canclini and Rita Canclini, district 4, parcel of land, no description, $155,000.

Michael Barner aka S. Michael Barner to John Edward Fleming, Jr. and Francine Rae Fleming, district 4, 11.09 acres, lot 2, Lands of Michael Steven Barner, $310,000.

James Grier Asset Management Incorporated to Joshua Miller and Jennie Miller, district 2, part of lot 8, part of Marshall and Betty Gaard Property, $19,500.

Bryan C. Bellamy to Heather Swift, district 7, lot 40, Indian Ridge, $205,000.

Recorded May 27

Lynn R. Wilhoit to Lynn Renee Wilhoit Revocable Trust, district 8, 137 acres, quitclaim.

Ruth A. Pittman Guy aka Ruth Pittman to Henry Allan Guy and Ruth A. Pittman Guy, district 1, 23.19 acres, Kenneth C. Duckworth Property, quitclaim.

R and J Development LLC to Brad S. Johnson and Dana M. Johnson, district 2, lot 159, phase 5, Legacy Bay, $225,000.

Johnny Mike Buell and others to Candice Piehl, district 1, 16 acres, $155,000.

Duane Shoemaker, Successor Trustee to the Elijah Living Trust and others to Chace Alexander Skelton, district 7, parcel of land, no description, quitclaim.

Tipton J. Garland to Alesia Hybarger, district 4, 28.2 acres, Tipton J. Garland Property, $65,000.

Recorded May 28

Wilma Y. Dean to Michael Caleb Dean, district 9, part of lot 30, part of lot 31, King, $14,000.

HTA Mountain Empire LLC aka G and E Healthcare Reit Mountain Empire LLC to AW Rogersville LLC, district 4, 1.735 acres, $3,339,000.

Carl E. Wolfe to Darren S. Light, no district given, lot 6, A. L. Webb Property, $69,500.

Clayton Hoffman Lamb and others to Dillion Cradic and Kayla Cradic, district 7, lot 33, lot 35, lot 36, lot 37, lot 67, Hoffman Heights, $56,000.

Tommy R. Brown to Mary E. Brown, district 3, 46 acres, quitclaim.

Billy G. Cradic and Susan Cradic to Kathy Fultz, district 5, 0.72 of an acre, part of lot 20, Mary Clay Kenner Property, $30,000.

Timothy Simpson and Theresa Simpson to James M. Daniels and Pamela L. Daniels, district 2, lot 6, Charles Otto Property, $18,000.

Brad Lee Slagle and Emily Shay Slagle to Daniel S. Davis, district 6, 8.7 acres, $280,000.

Recorded June 1

Patricia Elaine Hanson Mann to Robert Bruce Waterbury, district 7, lot 5, lot 6, Marshall Estates, $181,000.

Paula L. Omland to Troy Allen Christian and Teresa Kay Christian, district 7, lot 16, Indian Ridge, $181,000.

Joshua L. Buchanan and Toni Brooke Stamper to Richard D. Cheney, district 7, lot 67, Tanglewood Forest, $255,500.

Troy Allen Christian and Teresa Kay Christian to Dustin A. Christian and Marissa A. Christian, district 7, lot 2, Herbert Stanley Estate, $186,000.

James Scott Lewis to Daniel Estrada and Deborah R. Estrada, district 4, lot 24, Cedar Crest, $250,000.

Alex C. Lipe and Ellen Lipe to Ethan C. Crawford and Madison Truman, district 7, lot 65, Hoffman Heights, $269,000.

Jewell L. Guy to Donald Andrew Watterson, district 6, lot 17, phase 2, Christians Bend, $369,000.

Curtis J. Staples and Alani Staples to Jose J. Gallardo Castro, district 2, part of lot 8, part of lot 9, lots 17 thru 20, Denver Miller Estate, $395,000.

Robert G. Kauffman and Lisa J. Kauffman to Kevin Carrier and Angela Kay Carrier, district 7, lot 2, Hughes Farm, $396,550.

Christopher D. Wild and Haley Wild aka Haley Ashton Larkins to April M. Huckaby, district 7, parcel of land, no description, $170,000.

James Andrew Aspinall, IND and Executor to the Estate of Max Massengill Hyder to Quinton Shaw Buchanan and Emily Faith Buchanan, district 5, lot 8, lot 9, Cedar Grove Addition, $10,500.

Sherry Michelle mmontgomery aka Sherry Michelle Frye nand Phillip Montgomery to Joshua Young, district 7, lot 3, Robin Hood Estates, $121,600.

Timothy D. Gunnin and Kimberly L. Gunnin to Darius C. Gavris, Trustee to the DCG and Family Trust, district 2, lot 147, phase 2, Chelaque Estates, $7,500.

Deborah Matz and others to Kevin Webster and Mitzi Webster, district 6, lot 7, Riverside Addition, $125,000.

Mary E. Witt to Terry Terrance and Carol Surdukowski, district 4, 5.6 acres, lot 20, Andrew Brooks Property, $319,900.

Starr Vaughn Ferrell and others to Jerry Hartley and Dennise Hartley, district 1, 18 acres, $200,000.

Recorded June 2

Robert W. Hammer and Anita L. Reibert, Co-Executors to the Estate of Carl J. Scott to Deetta Woods, district 1, 1 acre, $220,000.

Cecilia Cox and Sara Morelock to Jackie N. Dobbs, district 6, 2.28 acres, $11,500.

Kelly McCanless and Christina McCanless to Kelly McCanless and Christina McCanless, Trustees to the Kelly and Christina L. McCanless Revocable Living Trust and the Christina L. and Kelly McCanless Revocable Living Trust, district 5, 32.78 acres, Laura G. Hyder ET AL Property, no amount given.

Henry J. Mayhew and Beverly J. Mayhew to Dorothy P. Adkins, district 3, 15.65 acres, lot 3, Charles Bailey Property, $430,000.

Sharon Webb Smith to Dylan Webb and Alexis Stout, district 4, 7.9336 acres, part of Sharon Webb Smith Property, quitclaim.

Recorded June 3

Judith D. Clontz to William F. Hill and Ashley R. Hill, district 2, 0.84 of an acre, lot 5, Carl Mooney Estate, $75,000.

Shannon Phipps and Hannah Smith to William R. Honkoski, district 4, 15 acres, $160,000.

Johnny Brown and others to Lucas Gulley and Amanda Gulley, district 1, 6.02 acres, lot 1, Johnny Brown and Charles Hughes Property, Section 1, $45,000.

Josh Horton and Rachel Horton aka Rachel Brooks to Robert Raines and others, district 4, 0.41 of an acre, $183,500.

Amanda Christian aka Amanda Saunders and Clinton Christian to Jonathan Paul Grey, district 5, lot 9, Shields Estate, $172,000.

Frances June Dykes and Wendall Dykes to Elesa Dykes Roberts and Karen Dykes Price, district 4, lot 23, Park Blvd. Place, $110,000.

Danny Owen and Tommy S. Henard to Rhenda Spears, district 4, lot 6, lot 7, Deerfoot, $37,000.

Dennis LeBlanc and Sandra LeBlanc to Dion Gederberg and Sharon Gederberg, district 2, parcel of land, no description, $16,000.

Recorded June 4

Tony Mayes to Meaghan E. Strail and others, district 1, 70 acres, lot 1, lot 12, M and M Farms, $213,000.

Denni Feagins to Mike Panaranto, district 7, parcel of land, no description, quitclaim.

Emma S. Thompson to Cecil L. Chambers and Rita E. Chambers, district 3, 8,712 aces, part of J. Brownlow Stapleton Property, quitclaim

Travis James Burrell to Kayla D. Burrell, district 3, parcel of land, no description, quitclaim.

Louie A. Phillips IV to Mollie S. Phillips, district 1, 13.96 acres, part of Norman Odom Property, quitclaim.

George H. Meek III to Gregory F. Pressley and Robin V. Pressley, district 2, lot 7, Hurd Repass Property, $99.900.

Verna Horton to Kenny Dwayne Horton, district 5, lot 1, lot 2, Alice Hickman, quitclaim.

Verna Horton to Gregory W. Horton, district 5, part of lot 19, Meadowbrooke Farm, quitclaim.

Charles K. Everhart and Katie B. Everhart to Dylan Forbes and Haley Forbes, district 7, 2.29 acres, lot 14, Dick Wilmoth Farm, $171,000.


Recorded May 28

Betty Pendleton to Michelle P. Clark and Albert Lee Clark, parcel of land, no description given, Estillville district, $deed of gift.

Denny Gruwell and Jennifer Booth to Noah Abram Kimbler, parcel of land, no description given, Estillville district, $194,900.

Betty Pendleton to Cynthia P. Williams and Steve E. Williams, 1.2 acres of land, Estillville district, deed of gift.

Elizabeth Osborne to Darrell Cole Osborne, 5.40 acres of land, Floyd district, deed of gift.

Recorded June 1

Audley J. Rhoton and others to Ginger Ann Lane and Gregory Lane, lots 74 and 75, Estillville district, $95,000.

Joseph V. Sparks and Johnna B. Sparks to Mavis Mabel Ximenez and Fabio Gonzalez, lot 15A, Hubbard Subdivision, Fulkerson district, $95,000.

J.C. Fraley to Jeffrey Allen Rasnake and Janet Rasnake, 129.47 acres of land, Dekalb district, $232,500.

Tierstan Nichole Bright and Matt Bright to Daniel G. Giles and Hannah G. Giles, lots 95-97, block A, Helen Heights Subdivision, $106,000.

Marlin Rex Ringler and Robert Daniel McGurt to Vanessa Faith Parnell, .43 of an acre of land, Estillville district, deed of gift.

David Lewis Townsend and Tina Dawn Townsend to Mitzi Nicole Barnette, 1.160 acres of land, Taylor district, deed of gift.

Recorded June 2

Andy M. Jones to Tim Pauley, .80 of an acre of land, Estillville district, no amount given.

Lloyd Compton to George Collins and Joyce Elam, .34 of an acre of land, Floyd district, $12,000.

Thomas W. Baker to Gene Willard Vanover Jr. and Anthony David Vanover, one acre of land, Dekalb district, $5,000.

Mark E. Tipton to Tristan Lee Barlow and Lela Shayne Barlow, 2.93 acres of land, Estillville district, $160,000.

Recorded June 4

William H. Morgan and Rhonda C. Morgan to Delmar Reece McPherson and Ada McPherson, 54.75 acres of land, Powell district, $35,950.

Gerald Parks and Julia Parks to Craig Meade and Regina Meade, 3.04 acres of land, Estillville district, $40,000.

Janet K. Gortney and Joan Gillenwater to Michael Colvin Pike and Aleigh Pike, parcel 1: 15 acres of land; #2) no description given, no district given, $35,000.

Pamela Gayle Hardin and Kimbelry Ann Perry to James R. Peters and Yvonne Peters, parcel 1: 18.25 acres of land; parcel 2: .70 acres of land, $320,000.

Angela White and Jerry White to Jerry White, lot 5, Clinch View Subdivision, district not given, deed of gift.

Carolyn Maddux to Tanner Colby Dean, lot 4 and half of lot 3, Estillville district, deed of gift.

Recorded June 7

David L. Fugate to Alexis M. Casados, parcel 1: lots 15 and 1; parcel 2: lots 32 and 33; parcel 3: no description given, Estillville district, $68,000.

Rylan G. Craft III and Michael F. McClellan Carrico, parcel 1: lots 60-63, block B; parcel 2: lot 64, Broadwater Subdivision, Estillville district, no amount given.

Tammy A. Langston and Michael Jay Langston to Bruce D. Parker and Cathy E. Parker, 11.812 acres of land, Estillville district, $295,000.

Charles Randolph Bearor and Jo B. Bearor to Andy Jones and Brittany Jones, 1.31 acres of land, Johnson district, $289,000.

Gary W. Leak and Ellen Marie Leak to Christopher M. Roberts, parcel 1: 6.9 acres of land; parcel 2: 6.9 acres of land, Dekalb district, $175,000.

Daniel T. Cottrell and Kara L. Cottrell to Annette Foster, parcel 1: 39.95 acres of land; parcel 2: .86 of an acre of land, Fulkerson district, $92,500.

Glen Alan Eads to Angelina Ana Jepson, 91 acres of land, Fulkerson district, $138,900.

Kari Osborne Albarado to James Perry and others, 147 acres of land, Dekalb district, deed of gift.

Jason Wayne Gilliam to Earl Wayne Gilliam, parcel 1: two acres of land; parcel 2: five acres of land, Dekalb district, deed of gift.

Recorded June 8

Jackqueline D. Carter to Rindi M. Perry, .23 of an acre of land, Estillville district, $138,000.

Gary S. RIngley and others to Timothy Brent Pippin and Whitney Renee Pippin, 149.135 acres of land, Fulkerson district, $577,605.

Kari Osborne Albarado to James Perry and others, 18.48 acres of land, Dekalb district, deed of gift.

Recorded June 9

Janet Edwards to John Vicars and Trudy Lee, four acres of land, Estillville district, $40,000.

Linda Sturgill Jennings to Rusty A. Smith and Dale Smith, 1.1 acres of land, Estillville district, $27,500.

Recorded June 11

Rana Brace to Sydney N. Lyall, parcel 1: 18.32 acres of land; parcel 2: no description given, Johnson district, $87,750.

Randal J. Boggs and Christine R. Boggs to Courtney A. Boggs and Henry B. Hall, .26 of an acre of land, Johnson district, $96,000.

Anthony Gene Crossnoe to Clint Calkins and Michelle Moore, two lots of land, no description given, Estillville district, $15,500.

Donald Michael Hudson to Robert Catron and Janet Catron, 2.20 acres of land, Estillville district, $45,000.

Recorded June 14

Betty Lawson to Ruby Q. Whiten and others, 70 acres of land, Fulkerson district, $30,000.

Judith Lynn Deskins to Timothy Mitchell Large, 1.10 acres of land, Estillville district, $60,000.

Daniel Kilgore to Destiny Sawyer, lots 28-30, Estillville district, $85,000.

Deborah Ellen Ervin to Joshua Aaron Alzaharnah, parcel 1: 28.0625 acres of land; parcel 2: 17.4 acres of land, Taylor district, $110,000.

Loretta Denise Compton to Timothy Wayne Carter and others, parcel 1: one acre of land; parcel 2: 2.5 acres of land; parcel 3: .67 of an acre of land, Fulkerson district, $150,000.

Recorded June 15

Brenda Barnette and others to Christopher Logan Ireson, lots 206, 207, 225 and 226, district not given, $83,000.

Vera Eileen Roberts Deckard and James E. Roberts to Bruce E. Roberts, 1.71 acres of land, Estillville district, $24,475.

Harley Nicole Colvin to Shiela F. Calton, two acres of land, Taylor district, deed of gift.

Recorded June 16

Gary A. Carter and Janice E. Carter to Mark Groskope, lot 25, Estillville district, $30,000.

Isaac Bradshaw and April Bradshaw to Justin Lee Perkins and Alisha C. Perkins, .98 of an acre of land, Estillville district, $153,000.

CGP Gate City TB LLC to Donald R. Satter, parcel of land, no description or district given, $2,376,500.

Jimmy Hammonds and Tommy Graham to Bobby Gene Graham, 10 acres of land, Taylor district, deed of gift.

Danny R. Williams and Nin Williams to Ricky Addington and April Addington, .57 of an acre of land, Johnson district, deed of gift.

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