KINGSPORT — The idea of variety is not lost on Cheri and Will Morgan.

The couple recently opened New And New Again at 109 Broad St. The shop offers new, handcrafted and previously owned goods of all sorts.

For the Morgans, New and New Again is all about offering something to each person who walks in the store.

“We have lots of different people who have lots of different circumstances in Kingsport,” Cheri Morgan said. “Having a shop that is dedicated to only one thing excludes so many people. Our vision was to have a shop that appealed to a lot of different people.”

The store offers four rooms full of a menagerie of goods. The Boutique Room offers new items such as candles, purses, leather keychains and more, while in the Pallet Goods Room, you might find air mattresses, small appliances and other wholesale goods found at places like Kohl’s or Target.

The White Elephant room is full of shoes, hats and other bargain items. The Morgans also offer an Artisan Room for handmade items like local pottery, framed photographs from around the region, handcrafted signs and Cheri Morgan’s handmade jewelry.

The Morgans first came to Kingsport in 1993. Cheri Morgan is from New Hampshire and Will Morgan is from Florida. The two have been married for 31 years and decided to come back to Kingsport to do what they do best — connect with friends.

“It was getting lonely in Florida,” Cheri Morgan said. “We wanted to come back and reconnect. During the pandemic we were isolated for a year. It was very, very difficult. We just wanted to reconnect with all of our friends and family. So we decided to come back here.”

Cheri Morgan worked at Eastman before the two moved to Florida. They also owned a residential cleaning company in the Sunshine State. They had grown the business from one employee to 140 within three years, but decided to sell following the pandemic. Even then, the Morgans made a point to connect to customers and build relationships.

“We became friends with many, many of our clients. Will makes friends with everybody. We had great relationships. It was a great business for us. Maybe people think a cleaning business is a hard one to be in, but you can make great relationships with any business you have. It’s how you treat people,” Cheri Morgan said.

Now the couple is also ready to treat the community with kindness.

Cheri Morgan plans to make a donation to a local charity as a way to give back.

“Once we get things up and going, every month we will donate to a local charity through a monthly auction. We want to make a donation from the proceeds of the auction.”

For the Morgans, their new downtown store is about more than providing a bargain-hunt-meets-boutique experience; it’s about finding a purpose and filling a need in the community.

“It’s a business, but I also believe we’re helping people,” Cheri Morgan said. “We’re providing things at discounted prices, we are giving artisans a place to market their goods, we’re going to be providing support to some local charities. We feel useful.”

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