Charges Filed Nov. 30 - Dec. 3

Julia Sherman, 26, 105 Ell St., Greeneville, Tenn., violation of probation.

Ronald Ferguson, 63, 404 Morelock St., Kingsport, failure to report.

Benjamin Vaness, 36, 1329 Cooks Valley Road, Kingsport, cruelty to animals.

Arnold Daugherty, 34, 3313 Cardinal St., Kingsport, illegal possession of credit card/fraudulent use of credit or debit card; violation of community supervision; identity theft.

Rocky Gunter, 37, 301 Kings Road, Piney Flats, resisting stop/arrest; evading arrest.

Emily Walker, 26, 1312 Tranbarger Drive, Kingsport, joyriding; evading arrest; driving while license cancelled, suspended or revoked; theft of property.

Misty Goble, 40, 1407 Rufus Road, Kingsport, simple possession or casual exchange; Schedule III drug violations.

James Puckett Jr., 35, 2000 Texhoma Parkway, Sherman, Texas, theft of property (two counts); burglary (three counts); intentional or careless violation of regulations governing non motor vehicles and animals; domestic assault; kidnapping; criminal impersonation; evading arrest; violation of probation (two counts); violation of community supervision; failure to register as a sex offender; violation of community supervision (10 counts).

Bradley Adkins, 38, 130 Hickem Orchard Road, Kingsport, domestic assault.

Scottie Bernard, 51, 337 Mullins St., Kingsport, aggravated assault.

Candi Bernard, 48, 337 Mullins St., Kingsport, domestic assault.

Sharon Hamby, 51, 592 Meadow View Road, Bristol, Tenn., theft of property.


Charges Filed Feb. 22

Tomorrow Chemiere Harshaw, 31, 2227 Citynew Ave., Knoxville, Tenn., violation probation.

Blakelyn Lashae Mayes, 19, 612 Zion Hill Road, Surgoinsville, contempt of court, juvenile.

James Jeremy Howard, 39, 1408 Pineola Drive, Kingsport, failure to appear.

Michael Wayne Gibson, 30, 140 Ripley St., Church Hill, failure to appear-out of Sullivan County.

Nicholas T. Absher, 32, 814 Forrest St., Kingsport, failure to pay child support.

Jason Ray Bernard, 34, 1286 Gap Mountain Road, Greeneville, Tenn., failure to appear; violation probation.

Ron Wells, Jr., 21, 217 Stanley Valley Road, Rogersville, criminal trespassing; violation order of protection.

Marcus Steven Harville, 32, 185 Ned Clark Road, Beaan Station, Tenn., child support attachment.


Charges Filed Jan. 6-8

Brandon Kenneth Fugate, 30, Coeburn, assault.

April Dawn Gardner, 49, Appalachia, possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to sell/distribute.

Jason Dewayne Hollyfield, 32, Pound, petit larceny <$500, resist arrest, possession schedule I or II drugs x2.

Marriage licenses

Sullivan County

Edward Taylor McCoy Hamilton, 26, Pounding Mill, Va., and Emma Alexandra Ratliff, 23, Pounding Mill, Va., Oct. 6.

John Austin Greene, 26, Kingsport, and Claire Ogden Baker, 25, Kingsport, Oct. 13.

Sykler Izaya Harrison, 21,

Kingsport, and Angela Gail Sherfey, 22, Kingsport, Oct. 14.

Haley Alexis Gragg, 24, Bluff City, and Zachary Allen Bowen, 30, Bluff City, Oct. 15.

Elizabeth Leigh Hale, 23,

Kingsport, and Derek Carlos Williams, 33, Kingsport, Oct. 16.

Jason Eric Harter, 41, Bristol, Tenn., and Cynthia Verna Lowe Phillips, 43, Bristol, Tenn., Oct. 29.

Lisa Diane Moody, 50, Bristol, Va., and James Dale Moody, 42, Bristol, Va., Nov. 4.

Ian Bryce Allen, 23, Kingsport, and Mollie Kate Osborne, 21,

Kingsport, Nov. 2.

Kristen Delana Anderson, 24, Kingsport, and Joseph Richard Jackson, 26, Kingsport, Nov. 4.

James Floyd Combest III, 26, Kingsport, and Julia Nichole Jones, 25, Kingsport, Nov. 4.

Leslie Jean-Ann Longwell, 37, Parkersburg, W.Va., and Stacy

Nicole Quinn Henry, 37, Parkersburg, W.Va., Nov. 4.

Herbert Joe Woodby, 49,

Kingsport, and Melanie Mitchell, 49, Kingsport, Nov. 6.

Elmer Lee Sturgill, 84, Duffield, Va., and Carolyn Sue France Smith, 69, Duffield, Va., Nov. 10.

Joshua Andrew Stephan, 33, Kingsport, and Shirhonda Lashay Jones, 34, Kingsport, Nov. 12.

Chadwick Anthony Stidham, 32, Kingsport, and Sarah Deanna Hodges, 30, Kingsport, Nov. 17.

Brittany Leighanne Thomas, 29, Bristol, Tenn., and Justin William Harlow, 29, Bristol, Tenn., Nov. 24.

Gordon Charles Storrs Fry, 50, Cape Town, South Africa, and Whitney Gale Million, 34, Cape Town, South Africa, Dec. 7.

Jenny Leighann Tudor, 22,

Kingsport, and Leroy Cameron Lewis Clark, 19, Kingsport, Dec. 7.

Jacob Edward Stone, 18, Bristol, Tenn., and Destiny Marie Blevins, 20, Bristol, Tenn., Dec. 14.

Madison Faith Weaver, 24, Bristol, Tenn., and Joshua Seth Gagne, 23, Bristol, Tenn., Dec. 14.

Marty Wayne Wright, 49, Bristol, Tenn., and Melissa Lynn Absher Howery, 45, Bristol, Tenn., Dec. 15.

Meghan Nichole White, 23, Blountville, and Dillard James Armstrong, 28, Blountville, Dec. 17.

Robert Hoang Long Whitfield, 21, Bristol, Tenn., and Abbey Christine Southerland, 20, Bristol, Tenn., Dec. 18.

Todd Aaron Woodard, 27,

Kingsport, and Brandon Carey Varnon, 24, Kingsport, Dec. 22.

Joseph Carl Kamakanioke Watson, 21, Johnson City, and Jordan Mackenzie Layne, 21, Johnson City, Dec. 29.

James Aaron Strouth, 32, Blountville, and Erin Elizabeth Wilson, 24, Blountville, Dec. 30.

Joshua Thomas Wilkinson, 38, Bristol, Tenn., and Amy Lauren Leonard Davenport, 35, Bristol, Tenn., Dec. 31.

Timothy Allen Trivett, 36, Abingdon, Va., and Sharon Louanne Haught, 44, Abingdon, Va., Jan. 5.

Joshua Robert Woody, 34,

Kingsport, and Courtney Anne Copp, 29, Kingsport, Jan. 5.

Emily Caroline Sajdak, 29, Bristol, Va., and Alex Dakota Cumbow, 31, Bristol, Va., Nov. 9.

Carla Marie Odette, 64, Mocksville, N.C., and Wesley Warren Chesser, 63, Mocksville, N.C. Nov. 13.

Brian Troy Norris, 50, Piney Flats, and Heather Kerry Crussell, 49, Piney Flats, Nov. 17.

Micah Dane Simpson, 42, Church Hill, and Hilary Diane Graham, 40, Church Hill, Nov. 17.

April Danielle Oaks, 36, Kingsport, and Travis Dewayne Light, 35, Kingsport, Nov. 20.

Michael Keith Nolan, 24, Blountville, and Madison Teresa Black, 23, Blountville, Nov. 24.

John Micheal Pierce, 22,

Kingsport, and Emily Paige O’Dell, 19, Kingsport, Nov. 24.

Payton Rae-aynne Potter, 20, Bristol, Tenn., and Logan Eric Harter, 20, Bristol, Tenn., Nov. 24.

Scott County

Jeffery Lynn Trent, 49, Nickelsville, and Carol Lynne Vicars, 50, Nickelsville, Feb. 4.

Sarah Cheyenne Darnell, 23, Weber City, and Daniel Bo Fields, 33, Weber City, Feb. 8.

Shannon Lewis Haddock, 35, Gate City, and Mackenzie Victoria Wise, 19, Gate City, Feb. 10.

Tanner David Bradley, 25, Jonesborough, and Alli Johnna Nickell, 25, Jonesborough, Feb. 12.

Albert Joel Molina, 24, Church Hill, and Santana Alexis Osborne, 25, Church Hill, Feb. 12.

Building permits

Sullivan County

Bright Ridge Homes LLC, 2830 McCoy St., new single-family dwelling, $180,000, Dec. 2.

Bright Ridge Homes LLC, 2834 McCoy St., new single-family dwelling, $170,000, Dec. 2.

Bright Ridge Homes LLC, 2838 McCoy St., new single-family dwelling, $165,000, Dec. 2.

La Ferney, Inc. for William H. Jarvis, 229 E. Center St., roof - commercial, $32,100, Dec. 7.

Egan Construction LLC for Mountain Regions Properties, 1242 Shipley Ferry Road West, new professional office/medical/bank, etc., $1,600,000, Dec. 14.

Duco Construction LLC, 347 Old Kinkead Road, new single-family dwelling, $196,000, Dec. 14.

Davis Brothers Roofing Inc. for Evelyn C. Quillen, 518 Fairview Ave., roof, $3,220, Dec. 15.

Patterson Homes for Chase Meadows Development LLC, new single-family dwelling, 1519 Covent Garden Court, $221,000, Dec. 18.

Associate Building, Inc. for Luisa Carpio Debernedo, 3414 Silk Mill Place, new single-family dwelling, $280,000, Dec. 21.

Yes Contracting Services for George Franklin Ireson Jr., 3556 Crest Road, roof, $6,595, Dec. 21.

Ken Cormier Roofing Company for Rebecca A. Godsey, 239 Willowbend Drive, roof, $6,500, Dec. 28.

Yes Contracting Services for HSBC Bank USA, 1940 Grandview St., roof, $8,400, Dec. 29.

Model City Roofing, 4116 Skyland Drive, roof, $9,700, Jan. 4.

Mr. Fix-It Home Improvements for Katie and James A. Flickinger, 2725 Berkshire Lane, alterations, $21,000, Jan. 4.

Santo W. Cicirello, 609 Rogan St., alterations, $5,000, Jan. 4.

Patterson Homes for Travis Shane Byington, 1625 Crescent Drive, alterations, $329,000, Jan. 5.

Luv Homes for William Fred McMurray, new single-family dwelling at 1745 Audie St., $120,000, Jan. 7.

Andrea D. and Walter E. Pierce III, 1414 Brightridge Drive, porch, $6,000, Jan. 8.

Begley Development LLC for Roberta Freed, new single-family dwelling at 1155 Windsor Falls Private Court, $974,000, Jan. 12.

Swiney Roofing for Edna A. Heglar, trustee, 201 E. Ravine Road, roof, $5,000, Jan. 12.

R&R Electric, new single-family dwelling at 965 Mitchell Road, $140,000, Jan. 13.

R&R Electric, new single-family dwelling at 953 Mitchell Road, $140,000, Jan. 13.

Esmond David Jones, 2062 Rock Springs Road, carport, $28,000, Jan. 14.

KLA Construction for Shirley Ward, 2057 Burke Drive, alterations, $65,000, Jan. 14.

Judith B. Pomeroy, 250 De Lee Drive, alterations, $6,000, Jan. 15.