Charges Filed May 27

Joshua Adams, 38, 401 Parsions Drive, Goshen Valley, Tenn., theft of property.

Jennifer Amyx, 38, 523 Cherokee Drive, Mount Carmel, failure to report.

Christopher Bachus, 29, 3759 N. Meadow Road, Jackson, Miss., display of registration plates; DUI.

Marcie Lawson, 29, 367 Big Ridge Road, Kingsport, violation of probation.

Brian Watson, 36, 1017 W. Stone Drive, Kingsport, lights required on motor vehicles; driver’s license - no, expired, multiple.

Cody Bellew, 29, Kingsport, manufacture, delivery, sale or possession Methamphetamine; compliance with financial responsibility law required; signals for turns; evading arrest; drug paraphernalia.

Mary Doud, 45, 231 Profit Lane, Kingsport, aggravated burglary; theft of property; violation of probation; identity theft (eight counts); forgery (eight counts); financial exploitation of elderly or vulnerable person.

Cassidy Williams, 20, 153 Hoard Lane, Church Hill, theft of property (four counts); identity theft (four counts); illegal possession of credit card/fraudulent use of credit or debit card (four counts).

David Isakov, 54, 605 Deckerson St., Kingsport, theft of property; driving while license cancelled, suspended or revoked.

Michelle Stacy, 46, 605 Rose St., Bristol, Tenn., theft of property/shoplifting; theft of property (21 counts); criminal simulation (18 counts); forgery (three counts); identity theft (three counts).

Christopher Delph, 41, 3019 Main St., Surgoinsville, driving while license cancelled, suspended or revoked; auto theft.

Maranda Hensley, 35, 634 Riverside Ave., Kingsport, forgery; theft of property.

Walter Patrick, 35, 948 Anderson St., Bristol, Tenn., order of attachment (two counts); violation of pre-trial release.

Brandon Eskridge, 31, 206 Blueridge Drive, Bristol, Tenn., failure to appear; domestic assault.

Timothy Franklin Jr., 36, 1229 Reedy Place, Kingsport, violation of probation (three counts); drug paraphernalia.

Elijah Harper, 24, 1048 Cooper St., Kingsport, domestic assault.

Danielle Crumley, 37, 5614 Orebank Road, Kingsport, unregistered vehicle due to suspension; compliance with financial responsibility law required; driving while license cancelled, suspended or revoked.

Mark Tolley, 42, 90 Happy Hollow Lane, Chuckey, violation of probation; domestic assault.

Christopher Strong, 48, 400 Arrowood Drive, Kingsport, DUI; harassment; drivers to exercise due care.

Kathryn Teague, 32, 950 Hartland Lane, Savannah, Tenn., violation of probation.

Stephen Harris, 27, 1007 Tennessee Ave., Bristol, Tenn., evading arrest; criminal impersonation; resist stop/arrest; vandalism; assault; theft of property/shoplifting; violation of sex offender registry.

Anthony Winn, 27, 2012 Leeland Road, Johnson City, violation of probation; contributing to the delinquency of a minor; unlawful possession of alcohol by person under 21; disorderly conduct; public intoxication.

Jona Walker, 42, 1000 Stonegate Road, Kingsport, violation of probation.


Charges Filed Aug. 1

Eldred Clyde Henley, Jr., 50, 266 Butchers Valley Road, Rogersville, illegal backing; speeding; violation registration required-crossed tags; violation financial responsibility; felony evading srrest by motor vehicle.

Terry Lynn Gulley, 55, 502 Stapleton Lane, Rogersville, driving on revoked/suspended license; violation financial responsibility.


Charges Filed July 23

Scott Lee Tankersly, 47, Dry Ridge, Ky., fraud, contempt of court.

Keisha Dawn Staton, 37, Kingsport, reckless driving, possession of narcotics, submit false evidence of insurance, drive without a license, larceny.

Charles Edward Burke, 47, Nickelsville, assault, obstruction of justice.

Victor Glen Bowen, 32, Duffield, four counts violation of probation.

Marriage licenses

Sullivan County

Emily Leanne McConnell, 42, Kingsport, and Jonathan William Toof, 42, Kingsport, May 7.

Brianna Nicole Morris, 20, Hampton, Tenn., and Brandon Darrell Ray Cordell, 23, Hampton, Tenn., May 7.

Enamae Pickstock, 66, Blountville, and Edward Alexander Fox, 73, Blountville, May 10.

Kyle Reid Mason, 21, Bowling Green, Ky., and April Brooke Church, 22, Bowling Green, Ky., May 10.

Stephanie Elizabeth Neas, 26, Piney Flats, and Jacob Aaron Cowan, 27, Piney Flats, May 11.

Shane Aaron McCoy, 38, Bristol, Va., and Nicole Christine Worley, 27, Bristol, Va., May 12.

Leon Warren Odom Jr., 53, Butler, Tenn., and Shannon Lynn McKeown Brown, 50, Butler, Tenn., May 13.

Laura Jane McDavid, 30, Philadelphia, Pa., and Benjamin Henryk Wright-Rowan, 31, Philadelphia, Pa., May 17.

Brenda Gay Patton, 56, Bluff City, and David Wayne Hinkle, 49, Bluff City, May 19.

Stephanie Lynne Moore, 60, Bluff City, and George Valentine Devault, 65, Bluff City, May 19.

Austin Taylor McLean, 28, Kingsport, and Anna Marie Nash, 28, Kingsport, May 20.

Matthew Rhett McKeever, 29, Macon, Ga., and Haley Rochelle Huffman, 28, Macon, Ga., May 21.

Tyler Lee Pippin, 23, Kingsport, and Kylie Elizabeth Helton, 22, Kingsport, May 21.

David Michael McCutcheon, 49, Jonesborough, and Dena Diane Simmons McCoury, 51, Jonesborough, May 21.

Jeshua Oliver Nace, 38, Kingsport, and Kaitlyn Maria Webb, 26, Kingsport, May 24.

Bradley Medas, 48, Kingsport, and Catherine Edwards Nicholson, 49, Kingsport, June 1.

Trayveon Jabril Price, 21, Bristol, Va., and Caroline Cheyenne Alberta Jones, Bristol, Va., June 2.

Damon Edward McFarland, 25, Piney Flats, and Emily Miranda Taylor, 22, Piney Flats, June 4.

Sara Nicole Martin, 23, Johnson City, and Nathaniel Hunter Lancaster, 25, Johnson City, June 8.

Johnathan Edward Morrison, 23, Kingsport, and Katherine Elizabeth Stalans, Kingsport, June 11.

Wendy Renea Moody, 44, Gate City, Va., and Jimmy Darel Babb, 48, Gate City, Va., June 11.

Matthew David Muir, 39, Bristol, Tenn., and Jennifer Denise Gilley Morris, 49, Bristol, Tenn., June 18.

Patrick Nathan Nowiski, 39, Bristol, Tenn., and Randi Cheyanne Shipley, 25, Bristol, Tenn., June 18.

Jonathan Socrates Pananas, 61, Abingdon, Va., and Penelope Combs Milnichuk, Abingdon, Va., June 18.

Shea Michelle Glauer, 34, Kingsport, and Chasten Allen Hale, 33, Kingsport, May 4.

Allie Cecilia Glymp, 22, Kingsport, and Alex Michael Fletcher, 22, Kingsport, May 6.

Danielle Amber Chwalyk, 22, Bristol, Tenn., and Ryan Lee Smithson, 21, Bristol, Tenn., May 6.

Skyler Ray Cole, 21, Johnson City, and Erica Elise Clemons Bogle, 20, Johnson City, May 12.

Stetson Running Oaks Gatlin, 20, Taylors, S.C., and Julia Reece Carr, 19, Taylors, S.C., May 19.

Aaron Wayne Cowden, 41, Kingsport, and Corrine Delea Mullins, 42, Kingsport, May 21.

Katherine Elizabeth Jones, 20, Bristol, Tenn., and Cory Allen Mason, 23, Bristol, Tenn., May 24.

Lindsey Elizabeth Lucas, 25, Bristol, Tenn., and Logan Andrew Murden, 25, Bristol, Tenn., May 24.

Krista Marieli Martin, 23, Sevierville, Tenn., and Timothy Everette Hayes Smith, 28, Sevierville, Tenn., May 10.

Josie Lyn Klepper, 26, Gray, and Ashton Lee Gilbertson, 23, Gray, May 25.

Casi Marie Goldman, 30, Blountville, and Mark Bradley Miller, 41, Blountville, May 25.

Alexander James Hicks, 21, Kingsport, and Kaley Michele Mauney, 23, Kingsport, May 25.

Kayla Mae Goins, 25, Mount Carmel, and Brandon Scott Baskette, 26, Mount Carmel, May 26.

Johnathan Robert Hicks, 37, Kingsport, and Jami Beth Ball, 39, Kingsport, May 27.

Jordan Brent Gillenwater, 23, Kingsport, Tenn. and Alicia Renea Tipton, 27, Kingsport, May 28.

Hawkins County

Scott Ethan Kahl,48, Greeneville, Pa., and Kayla Ann Williams, 24, Greeneville, Pa., Jan. 4, 2021.

Rachel Suzanne Trent, 30, Eidson, Tenn., and Willie Slone, 39, Mooresburg, Jan. 4.

Shane Douglas Hall, 30, Rogersville, and Bridget Nicole Mathis Watts, 32, Rogersville, Jan. 4.

Lucinda Shaddock, 51, Kingsport, and Parker Alan Hill II, 47, Kingsport, Jan. 5.

Takoda Sky Carter, 22, Surgoinsville, and Aubrey Breyann Roggenbuck, 27, Surgoinsville, Jan. 6.

James Henry Collier, Jr., 30, Church Hill, and Patsy Catherine Bennett Bennett, 32, Church Hill, Jan. 7.

Savannah Jade Williams Williams, 21, Rogersville, and Mark Daniel Darnell, 29, Church Hill, Jan. 12.

Corey Elizabeth Baer, 40, Surgoinsville, and Kenneth Lynn Bledsoe, 42, Surgoinsville, Jan. 14.

Ernest Lee Thompson, 48, Appalachia, Va., and Crystal Lynn Reed Reed, 43, Church Hill, Jan. 15.

Heather Ann Dawn King, 26, Church Hill, and Todd Joseph Teter, 29, Church Hill, Jan. 15.

Katie Jolene Lawson Smith, 22, Church Hill, and Brandon Lee Richard Marcus, 24, Church Hill, Jan. 19.

Michael Scott Macaulay, Jr. 24, Bulls Gap, and Leah Brooke Helton, 25, Bulls Gap, Jan. 19.

Chase Adam Corbin, 33, Rogersville, and Tameika Tamisha Bishop, 25, Rogersville, Jan. 22.

Noelle Elizabeth Hatfield, 22, Church Hill, and Robert Glenn Puckett, 25, Church Hill, Jan. 22.

Harold Dean Kirkpatrick, 79, Blountville, Tenn., and Salvacion Bautista Ausan Kirkpatrick, 56, Blountville, Tenn., Jan. 25.

Preston Wade Barnette, 22, Church Hill, and Oxsana Cheyenne Fields, 21, Church Hill, Jan. 25.

Jacob Eli Cavin, 23, Greeneville,Tenn., and Karrie Cheyenne Poling, 21, Greeneville,Tenn., Jan. 29.

Ronald Lynn Hall, 56, Rogersville, and Nona Jane Casebolt Lawson, 69, Rogersville, Feb. 1.

Payton Droke Steffey, 23, Surgoinsville, and Hayli Morgan Pumphrey, 26, Rogersville, Feb. 4.

Whitney Rashae Stalker Stalker, 27, Rogersville, and Dakota Stephon Zachary Chess, 32, Rogersville, Feb. 5.

Craig Robert Helton, 50, Rogersville, and Crystal Gayle Smith Lawson, 38, Morristown, Feb. 5.

Willis Clarence Miller, Jr. 46, Rogersville,and Michelle Bailey Kitts, 40, Rogersville, Feb. 8.

Austin Matthew Lynn Conkin, 25, Rogersville and Alecia Ann McBride McBride, 32, Rogersville, Feb. 9.

Jordan Ashley Horner, 24, Mooresburg, and Reanna Rose Hanson Hanson, 21, Mooresburg, Feb. 11.

Scott County

Phillip Chad Davis, 30, Nickelsville, and Angel Magadelene White, 22, Nickelsville, July 19.

Megan Danielle Muncy, 20, Mount Carmel, and Robert Tyler French, 21, Mount Carmel, July 19.

Ashleigh Faith Carico, 21, Duffield, and Seth Lane Rimer, 25, Duffield, July 20.

Jacob Addison Hess, 28, Bristol, Tenn., and Marta Christine Byrd, 27, Weber City, July 23.

Thomas Earl Sluss, 23, Dungannon, and Courtney Lane Smith, 23, Fort Blackmore, July 23.

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