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Most Limestone residents are familiar with the impressive heritage of Washington College Academy. Its educational history is bound to the strong Christian convictions of the Rev. Samuel Doak, who founded Martin Academy in 1780.

In 1795, our nation’s first president granted permission for the school to be named after him, so Martin Academy became Washington Academy, and after that Washington College Academy. As a result of that school’s Christian ethics and demand for high academic standards over the years, WCA has graduated renowned citizens and leaders. The impact of these graduates has been felt not only in the community and state, but worldwide through the missionaries and ministers who trained there.

Although WCA is no longer a high school or boarding school, it is still serving adult students. The current adult education program seeks to exemplify the ethical and academic standards started over 200 years ago.

Since 2003, 50 recipients of GEDs have done their test preparation studies at WCA. Currently, the WCA adult education is online. The program exists to serve adult academic needs, including serving students learning English as a second language.

To find out more about the program, call 423-257-2555.

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