The Warrior Falls community in Colonial Heights is known for supporting charitable projects undertaken by its residents. This Christmas was no exception.

Members of the Warrior Falls community in Colonial Heights teamed up for a Christmas gifting project developed in close coordination with Kingsport City Schools. Six families, with a combined 24 children ranging in age from 5 to 18, were vetted by school officials to receive wrapped Christmas gifts, based on the family’s wish list items for each child.

Project coordinators and residents Teresa Bailey and Dave Williams facilitated the gift assignment and the collection process. Many residents who wanted to participate in buying gifts didn’t get the chance; we had more folks wanting to help than we had available families. We then began to receive monetary contributions above the gifting.

The overwhelming response by neighbors led us to receive a total of $1,410. This made it possible to provide Walmart gift cards to each of the six parents, who were not included on the lists. The parents were able to use the gift cards to purchase additional gifts or Christmas dinner items.

Gifts were delivered by community residents to each of the families beginning Dec. 11. Our project wrapped up (pun intended) with the last gifts delivered on Dec. 18. As a community, we were able to help bring Christmas cheer to six families and put a smile on the faces of 24 children.

We are touched beyond words, as were the parents who have expressed their sincere gratitude to us. We received the following message from one family: “Please let everyone who participated know that I appreciate them doing this for my kids when I simply could not.”

Sincere thanks to the Warrior Falls community for its overwhelming generosity and participation. Our desire is to make this an annual event. We extended our appreciation for neighborhood kindness and a giving spirit with a Christmas Eve visit by Santa Claus, who walked the neighborhood greeting residents and passersby.

Happy New Year from the Warrior Falls community!

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