Bays Mountain is a special part of my life

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Submitted by Debbie Bridwell

Story by Alea Murph (age 10)

My first time at Bays Mountain, I was way too young to remember. But I do remember my mom, Mamaw Nancy and Memie carrying me around the Lake Trail on a Fun Fest night hike.

My second fun memory was when I was 7. I was in love with bobcats, and I would act like one. I even acted like I was going to bite, claw and eat my older brother.

My latest memory was last Saturday. I went hiking, and I saw a bear walking across the path.

I’ve been going to Bays Mountain all my life. I treasure those times, and I have a friend there. He is Jamie the fox. I love foxes, and I think Jamie is so lonely — and he needs a friend. I really wish I could sneak into his cage and just spend time with him.You will want to spend time with your animal friend when you read this poem (from

True at Heart

My friend you are so true at heart,

Our friendship is so strong

That no can make us part.

You are my best friend,

my true buddy,

With you in my life,

I feel no fear.

Thank you, my friend, my dear!

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