For nearly six decades, Marcum’s Pharmacy has served this community from downtown Kingsport. The pharmacy has changed locations a couple of times through the years, but it has always stayed in the heart of Kingsport — offering the same trusted service to its customers.

The late Carl Marcum founded Marcum’s in 1962. The Medical Arts Building, at 126 West Ravine, wasn’t Marcum Pharmacy’s original location. Carl Marcum kept shop at the Medical Arts Building — which today is home to Holston Valley Medical Center’s emergency room — for nearly 30 years before moving the pharmacy to the Ravine Center in the early 1990s.

Colton Marcum, a Pharm. D himself, remembers visiting the Medical Arts Building as a youngster. He worked alongside his grandfather at the Ravine Center while he was in high school.

“He was always my role model and that inspired me to follow in his footsteps,” Marcum said.

In August, after more than three years of renovations, Marcum’s Pharmacy ( moved to 902 Broad St. It shares this space with The Science of Beauty medical spa (, founded by Amanda Jackson, a board certified advanced practice nurse, licensed hairstylist and makeup artist; and The Beauty Mark Permanent Makeup Studio (, owned by Heather Wilhelm, a licensed, permanent makeup artist.

Marcum’s still offers general prescriptions, compounding and delivery, but also vaccinations, immunizations, pet prescriptions, point-of-care testing, medication therapy management and unit dose packaging.

The roughly 15,000-square-foot, Tudor-style building, opened in 1927, has a distinct appearance that makes it easily recognizable in downtown Kingsport. It served as an apartment building when it was put up for sale, and the Marcums renovated those apartments.

“It was in good condition,” said Colton Marcum’s wife, Pharmacist Catherine Marcum. “Every apartment was rented. However, it was lacking updates. We tried to leave as much original architecture as we could. We really enjoy being here because we were able to expand on the theme of the building and give the pharmacy a lot of character … we wanted a warm, family-friendly feel.”

The building’s first floor houses the pharmacy, medical spa and makeup studio. Floors two and three house six two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments. A couple of those apartments are rented; others are available for rent.

“We had outgrown our other location,” Colton Marcum explained. “We had to expand. We were tripping over each other.”

The new, bigger location has allowed the pharmacy to provide new and different products and expand some over-the counter items.

“We also have been extremely busy since we’ve moved in,” Catherine Marcum said. “I think people are curious about the building and just want to come check it out. Then, when they get in here and meet our incredible staff they want to come back. We have a wonderful staff; they are the heartbeat of this place.”

Marcum’s staff of 18 includes pharmacists Colton and Catherine Marcum, Hannah Blackwell, Zach Carland, Cephas Sloan III and Holly Adams. As for Colton Marcum, he’s proud to carry on his grandfather’s tradition. “Our staff, it’s like a big family,” he said. “We’re with each other all the time, and it’s a very positive work environment.”

Marcum is grateful for the community’s support for the pharmacy.

“I want to say ‘thank you’ for the support of the community. We’ve had a lot of interest in the place. And without our staff and the people of Kingsport, we wouldn’t be here,” he said.

And what would Grandfather Carl say about the pharmacy’s new home?

“Maybe that I’ve lost my mind,” Colton Marcum said with a laugh. “I think he’d be proud. I would hope that he would be proud.”

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