ROGERSVILLE — Thor is a very loving dog, but he isn’t perfect.

Some people he falls in love with automatically, and some people have to work hard to earn his trust.

That’s probably why Thor has been at the Hawkins County Humane Society for the past 1.5 years, longer than any other dog or cat at the shelter.

HCHS president Dave Toll told the Times News on Monday Thor is a fixed 2-3 year old Shepherd mix that will require some extra patience, love and attention.

“Thor can be a super best friend and loving,” Toll said. “He has a low-key demeanor and loves to just hang out. However, he shows aggression to many people. We likely need a guy to adopt or foster him. He needs work but has super potential.”

Thor is one of nine dogs and seven cats that have been at the shelter the longest but will hopefully find new homes over the next month during the HCHS’s annual Lonely Hearts promotion.

From now until Feb. 16, — the Tuesday after Valentine’s Day — the adoption fee for one of the Lonely Hearts dogs or cats has been reduced from $80 to $30. And if that adopted pet isn’t fixed, the $30 fee will be reimbursed to the adopter after the pet has been spayed or neutered.

The HCHS, which is a no-kill shelter, saw its population decrease in December from 64 dogs and 76 cats to 46 dogs and 64 cats thanks to an active month for adoptions.

Many of those adoptions were puppies or smaller breeds. Tolls said the older and larger dogs are the hardest to find homes for.

“Small and medium dogs go quick all the time,” Toll said. “Large dogs are harder to find homes for, especially if they show aggression toward other dogs. Four of our Lonely Hearts dogs are dog-aggressive. The other three can be people aggressive, but they’re also sweethearts.”

Thor, as well as his fellow Lonely Hearts Lucia and Hank, can be aggressive toward some people and affectionate toward others, Toll said. That makes it difficult for those three dogs because there’s a fear of them biting someone other than the primary owner.

“We found a home for Lucia and she was doing great with the woman who adopted her,” Toll said. “But her mom came by, and Lucia got jealous and tried to bite her mom. She (the adopter) had to bring Lucia back. Dogs like that require a lot of patience and a lot of love.”

Aside from Thor, some of the other Lonely Hearts dogs include:

Lucia: A 2-year-old female Pointer and Lab mix that is fixed. Lucia came to the shelter in October 2019, was adopted but was brought back. As of Monday, she’s been there a total of 330 days. “She is very sweet and loving, and she loves to play and kiss,” Toll said. “She also likes to hang out, but she shows jealousy and aggression, especially to strangers.

Haley: A 12-year-old female Australian Shepherd that came to the shelter in February of last year. “Haley has had a hard life with mostly being an outside dog but wants a comfy life,” Toll said. “She has low activity and should fit well into most homes. She is a little shy but very sweet and deserves some good final years.”

Jack: A 2-year-old male Black Lab that came to the shelter initially last June, was adopted and then returned in November. He’s spent a total of 160 days at the shelter. “He loves to play and has moderate to high energy, so it would be preferred to have a yard and someone to take him on walks,” Toll said. “He was returned because they said he needs ‘more training.’ ”

Diesel: A 1-2 year old male Shar-Pei mix that came to the shelter last July. “Diesel takes a while to warm up but once he does he is fun, low- keyed and gets along with other animals,” Toll said. “He is almost non-stop on wanting to play fetch or jump for a toy, and he does not bark much.”

Champ: An 8-year-old male Terrier mix that came to the shelter in August. “Champ loves walks and to hang out, and he is overall a very low- key and sweet dog,” Toll said. “He sleeps a lot in his bed and likes to be petted and loved. His only problem is he loves food so much he can be food aggressive.”

Thorby: A 3-year-old male Bull Dog and Boxer that came to the shelter in August. “Thorby is a really nice overall dog, and he loves walks and is a lot of fun to be with,” Toll said. “He is smart, loyal and really likes people. He shows some dog aggressiveness and is not good with cats or smaller dogs.”

Tank: A 9-year-old male Pit Bull that has been at the shelter since September. “Tank can get along great with the right owner and is good with other dogs,” Toll said. “He likes to play, take walks and hang out, but he can be aggressive and is not recommended around children.”

Cupcake: A 1-year-old female Shar-Pei and Lab that came to the shelter in early December. “Cupcake needs help and is showing fear biting,” Toll said. “She is timid and afraid of the shelter life. We think someone with patience and love will turn her around.”

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