As Tennessee’s total COVID-19 cases exceeded 300,000 on Friday, the daily positive rate of new tests statewide climbed to 14.69%.

In the eight counties of Northeast Tennessee, three additional deaths (one each in Sullivan County, Washington County, and Carter County) and 177 new cases were reported by the Tennessee Department of Health. The region’s pandemic death toll reached 333. The region’s total cases (confirmed, probable, and inactive/recovered, and dead) increased by only 176 to 17,859 because the state adjusted Unicoi County’s case total down by one.

Statewide, 64 more deaths and 3,733 new cases brought Tennessee’s pandemic totals to 3,852 deaths (3,583 confirmed as COVID-19 and 269 probable) and 300,458 cases (280,117 confirmed as COVID-19 and 20,341 probable), with 88% (265,459) listed as “inactive/recovered.”

New cases in Northeast Tennessee, by county: 104 in Sullivan; 28 in Carter; 19 in Washington; 13 in Greene; 10 in Hawkins; and three in Johnson. As noted above, Unicoi County’s cases decreased by one. Zero new cases were reported in Hancock County.

Total cases in Northeast Tennessee, by county: 4,982 in Sullivan; 4,720 in Washington; 2,394 in Greene; 2,166 in Carter; 1,544 in Hawkins; 1,306 in Johnson; 620 in Unicoi; and 127 in Hancock.

Active cases in Northeast Tennessee, by county: 639 in Sullivan; 540 in Washington; 317 in Carter; 305 in Greene; 189 in Hawkins; 94 in Unicoi; 66 in Johnson; and one in Hancock.

Total deaths in Northeast Tennessee, by county: 85 in Washington; 75 in Sullivan; 63 in Greene; 43 in Carter; 31 in Hawkins; 17 in Johnson; 16 in Unicoi; and three in Hancock.

New case numbers were based on 22,774 new test results statewide, compared to the day before, with a positive rate of 14.69%.

The 64 new deaths reported statewide, by age: 30 in the 81-plus group; 15 in the 71-80 group; 12 in the 61-70 group; three in the 51-60 group; two in the 41-50 group; one in the 31-40 group; and one in the 21-30 group.