Gate City student wins car for good attendance on birthday

Gate City High School student Gary McMurray won a 2015 Ford Focus Tuesday afternoon for good attendance during the school year.

GATE CITY — A Gate City High School student’s birthday became even sweeter on Tuesday after he won a car from Fairway Ford.

Sophomore Gary McMurray got the keys to his 2015 Ford Focus after his name was drawn from a pool of students who maintained good attendance during the school year.

English teacher Melissa Seaver said students got their name into the drawing pool for each nine-week period that they had perfect attendance. Students who maintained perfect attendance all year got an extra entry.

“I wanted to say there were 528 entries, but that was with kids getting their name in multiple times because they had multiple opportunities,” Seaver said. “So if a child didn’t make it the first nine weeks, they still had an opportunity the second nine weeks. It sort of started over for them, so it didn’t knock them out the entire year.”

McMurray found out last week that he’d won the car, but being presented with it on his birthday made the win even more special. Now, he said, all that’s left to do is get his learner’s permit.

“I was excited for it,” McMurray said, “and I thank the school and Fairway Ford for giving me a chance to have it.”