The focus on health and wellness is also helping our community prosper as existing companies expand and new businesses locate here. Healthy Kingsport expresses great appreciation to our most recent sponsorship — Foundation Academy: Strength and Condition — supporting the essential efforts around health and wellness taking root in Greater Kingsport. The commitments made by this business are yielding positive results for our family members, friends, and neighbors.

About Foundation Academy: Strength and Conditioning

Foundation Academy is a boutique fitness facility that is driven by a desire to provide a positive space to maximize health through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. Their mission is to improve your physical, mental, and social well-being little by little every day.

Foundation Academy’s wholesome approach to health and social fitness classes is unique to the area. While physical fitness is very important, they believe having a sound mind and a positive social surrounding goes hand in hand with your physical wellness. Foundation Academy is here to build you up, help you solve problems, and celebrate your achievements.

A healthier community

Foundation Academy & Healthy Kingsport are working together closely to provide resources that will encourage a healthy lifestyle to the underserved communities in Kingsport. These range from Healthy Kingsport’s Walker Tracker & Trasher-cise to Foundation Academy’s Free Pop-Up Workouts & Energy Exchange programs.

Healthy Kingsport would like to thank Foundation Academy for its generous sponsorship. We look forward to engaging all citizens living and working in Greater Kingsport as we create a community that actively embraces healthy living. Mention this article to receive a free week.

For more information about Foundation Academy, visit or find the business on Instagram and Facebook.

Healthy Kingsport is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a community that actively embraces healthy living by promoting wellness, enhancing infrastructure, and influencing policy.

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For programs and events, contact Desteny Clemons [email protected]. Aiesha Edwards is the executive director of Healthy Kingsport. She can be reached at [email protected]. Follow Healthy Kingsport on Facebook and Instagram.