You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why do so many of us skip it?

Lack of time in the morning is a big problem. Another barrier is often just not being hungry. Let’s go through a few benefits of eating breakfast and then discuss ways to make it easier and more enjoyable!

A big benefit to eating breakfast is providing energy to get a jumpstart on your day. You have been fasting all night, and your body hasn’t used much energy while sleeping.

However, when you wake up and start moving around and using more brain power, your body needs more energy to keep you going and feeling your best. This is where breakfast comes in: It “breaks your fast” by giving you energy to start the day.

Research has shown that this is true for both adults and children. Kids who eat a balanced breakfast perform better in school and sports and are less likely to snack on energy-dense foods throughout the day.

Another benefit to eating breakfast is it is an opportunity to consume food groups that are often under-consumed in our meal plans such as low-fat dairy, whole grains and fruits. These food groups are high in important nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins, fiber and antioxidants that support immune and digestive health.

Lastly, eating breakfast can keep you more satisfied throughout the day and less likely to overeat. Studies show that most people who manage a healthy weight also eat breakfast. While every person is different, eating breakfast can help you stay mindful with your meals.

If you love to sleep in, try prepping your breakfast the night before or keep easy, grab-and-go options available like fresh fruit, yogurt cups and whole-grain granola bars.

If you struggle with feeling hungry in the mornings, it could be because your metabolism is still a little sluggish. Start by “priming” your stomach by drinking water, 100% juice, or a eating a small snack. This gets your body in the habit of eating, and your hunger cues will follow suit!

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