GATE CITY — A crowded parking lot, long metal smokers sending tantalizing smells of smoky pork into the air and a lengthy line of locals at the counter — these are all signs of a good barbecue restaurant. Now it’s also the norm for Gate City’s newest eatery, Kane St. Smokehouse.

“Most of everyone that comes in seems to like it and has come back,” said Joshua Cress, who owns and operates the restaurant along with his wife, Courtney. “I see regular faces come in. But it does change from Thursday and Friday to Saturday. We have a lot of lunch crowd on Thursday and Friday. … On Saturday we’ve had people come over here from Johnson City, Blountville — word’s getting around. People are starting to find us.”

Kane St. Smokehouse Cress family

Joshua and Courtney Cress own and operate Kane. St. Smokehouse in Gate City.

Kane St. Smokehouse smoker closer

Joshua Cress spent three to four months building the smokers that set beside the restaurant sending a barbecue aroma throughout Gate City.

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Kane St. Smokehouse barbecue 2

A member of the staff prepares for the lunch rush on Friday at Kane St. Smokehouse in Gate City.

Kane St. Smokehouse pork in smoker

Kane St. Smokehouse offers pork barbecue, chicken, ribs and more in Gate City.

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