Hawkins County is known for historical preservation but how much do you know about the institutions and structures that didn’t stand up to the test of time?

Trivia questions:

1. Can you name three post-secondary institutions of higher learning that no longer exist in Hawkins County?

2. Name three movie theaters that operated in downtown Rogersville.

3. The Mooresburg, Lakeview and Caney Creek communities near Rogersville were an epicenter "Tennessee Marble" quarrying in the mid to late 1800s. Name two Washington D.C. landmarks that were built with Hawkins County marble.

4. What popular former attraction in Church Hill is now the location of The Landings apartments?

5. Dr. Jacob Miller operated a hospital in the 1847 “Farmer’s Hotel” located across Depot Street from the courthouse, which is now apartments and a law office. But, where did Dr. Miller live?

6. Before moving onto Highway 11-W in 2010 The Hawkins County Jail was located at 150 E. Washington Street for 35 years. But where was it located before that?

7. It's well known that three U.S. Presidents (Andrew Jackson, James Polk and Andrew Johnson) visited the Hale Springs Inn, but what other President made a stop at a former Surgoinsville diner and store.

8. What happened to the farm near Church Hill where the 1983 Mel Gibson movie "The River" was filmed?

9. What made Mooresburg a popular tourist attraction in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

10. For what purpose was the Bulls Gap City Hall and Museum building originally constructed?


1. The current location of the Rogersville City School on Broadway Street was originally the Odd Fellows Female College established in 1849. It later became the Synodical College in 1892, and closed in 1916. The property was purchased by the Town of Rogersville in 1919.

Swift College was established in 1883 as an African American Junior College that operated as a college until 1955, and continued on as a segregated high school until 1963. The property was located just north of downtown Rogersville and is the current location of Hawkins County Schools Central Office.

Pressmen's Home located about 10 miles north of Rogersville was the headquarters for the International Printing Pressmen and Assistants Union of North America from 1911–1967. The facilities included a trade school, a sanitarium, a retirement home, a hotel, a post office, a chapel, and a hydroelectric power production plant.

2. The Palace Theatre located in the current location of the Citizens Bank, 2010E. Main Street, opened during the silent Movie era. In 1935 the Rogersville Theater opened next door to the Hale Springs Inn, and its parent company bought the Palace Theatre in 1938 and closed it. The Rogersville Theater burned in 1946 and was rebuilt that same year as the Roxy Theater. The Roxy Theater was purchased by Inn owner Carl Netherland Brown in 1988 and demolished to make room for a gazebo and landscaped yard for the Inn.

3. S.D. Mitchell and Orville Rice, founded Tennessee’s first marble company in the 1830s in the Caney Creek community north of Rogersville. Mitchell and Rice contributed marble to the construction of the Washington Monument in the 1850s, as well as the 1855 U.S. Capitol expansion project.

4. Over the first half of the 20th century Silver Lake was developed from a spring fed lake into a large swimming pool and recreation. It closed in the 1960s, and the apartments were built in the early 1980s

5. In 1902 Dr. Miller built an 18 room brick mansion at 210 W. Main Street where he lived until his death in 1929. In 1957 the property was sold the First National Bank of Rogersville, was demolished, and is the current location of Capital Bank.

6. The original location of the Hawkins County Jail was the corner of Washington Street and Depot Street, with the original log structure being built around 1800. That last jail building at that location built around 1900 had the unusual distinction of having glass windows in its cells. It was torn down to make a parking lot shortly after the new jail was built in 1974.

7. In the 1930s President Franklin D. Roosevelt stopped at "The Rock House" on Old Stage Road in Surgoinsville while traveling from Warm Springs Ga. to Washington D.C. The Rock House was a diner and store operated by the Roller family and is currently a kayak rental store operated by former mayor Johnny Greer.

8. After "The River" wrapped the producers donated the property to Hawkins County. On Halloween night of 1986 someone burned down the old farmhouse. Today the property is Laurel Run Park.

9. Mooresburg had two major resorts in the late 1800s and early 1900s for people wanting to take advantage of its mineral springs. The Mooresburg Springs Health Spa and Galbraith Springs Springs Health Spa each featured large hotels and offered fine dining, mineral springs, and recreational activities.

10. It was the York Quillen General Store built with the older section built in 1880, and the newer section in 1900.