If you’re on social media and follow #bookstagram, then you’ve likely heard of Colleen Hoover. However, if you haven’t, Hoover is known as an author whose work inspires major book hangovers and induces heart-wrenching emotions. This is true of one of her most well-known novels, “It Ends With Us.”

We meet our protagonist, Lily Bloom, on page one, and soon after we meet Ryle Kincaid, who storms into Lily’s life like no one ever has.

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Shay Severson was born and raised in Tennessee, but she strives to follow her dreams of traveling to fantastical lands. (Hogwarts or Iceland — either will do.) If you don’t find her at the Johnson City Public Library, you will likely find her playing with her husky or burying herself in yet another morally gray fantasy/romance novel.