Happy New Year, readers! I couldn’t be more excited about this time of year. While many businesses slow down considerably at the first of the year, professional organizers are usually busier than ever! If getting organized is one of your New Year’s resolutions (it’s a very common one), this is a perfect time to not only learn more about what organizers can do, but to consider hiring one to help you meet your goals! You may learn surprising information in this article that will show you how an organizer might be helpful for you!

This is the second of a two-part article. By way of a brief review, following are the five myths that were busted in the first article, (published Dec. 5):

• Myth 1: A professional organizer is basically a glorified cleaner.

• Myth 2: A professional organizer makes people get rid of their stuff.

• Myth 3: A professional organizer works primarily with hoarders.

• Myth 4: Working with a professional organizer is like the Marie Kondo show, “Tidying Up.”

• Myth 5: A basic instinct for organizing is all that’s needed to be a professional organizer.

You’ll find the first article at this link: https://bit.ly/3sDdPJQ. Read on to test your knowledge and to determine whether you might benefit from hiring an organizer.

Myth 6: It will cost too much money to work with a professional organizer.

I’ve got good news for you. If you’re on a tight budget, most organizers have options to cut costs.

Shipshape Solutions offers a Do It Yourself (DIY) Organizing Consult for those who have the ability to do the work themselves and just need our expertise and a plan. We will come to your home for an hour to discuss your needs, look at the spaces that need work, and give you a step-by-step plan (including recommended organizing supplies if needed). If you have friends and family who are available to help, we can work with the group to finish the work more quickly, thus cutting costs.

The cost for our services is simply determined by the time spent multiplied by our hourly rate. You can find more information about our rates and services (https://bit.ly/3JfMF1v) on our website.

Myth 7: My house isn’t a disaster, so I don’t need a professional organizer.

Au contraire! While we do work in some homes that are messy, plenty of our clients’ homes are in pretty good order. They may have an isolated area or two that needs attention. They may need our help in establishing and maintaining household routines. Or they might require assistance in organizing digital information like email, documents or digital photos. I would venture to say that if you were to visit our clients’ homes, for a sizable percentage of them, their house doesn’t fit the typical mental image of a home that needs the assistance of an organizer.

Myth 8: It will take too much time to work with a professional organizer, and I don’t have that much time.

The amount of time required depends mainly on your organizing needs. We work side by side with our clients in the vast majority of cases, especially if there are decluttering decisions to make. After all, only our clients can make the decision about what stays and what goes.

But there are certain situations in which we can work on our own. We may need to consult with them a few times during the process to get their input. If the client can’t be present physically, we can get their input virtually by texting photos and questions. In some cases, if we know exactly what a client needs, we can complete the work entirely on our own, requiring no time at all from the client beyond the initial consultation.

Myth 9: Professional organizers only work with organizing stuff.

Many professional organizers are trained to help clients organize much more than their physical belongings. We help clients with time management and productivity, whether in a residential setting or a business setting. Clients find it especially helpful when we assist them with figuring out routines that will help their home or their business run more efficiently. We can suggest small, practical tips that may end up being game-changers for keeping order. We can help organize digital information as well.

For example, in a home setting, we can discuss a family’s routines (like laundry, dishes and daily pickup) and how to manage them more effectively. We might suggest regular family meetings, a shared digital calendar and/or a command center to assist with family schedules, procedures for school papers and homework, and more.

In a business setting, we can assist with tasks such as these: documenting processes or procedures, identifying top priorities, or digitizing documents to ensure 24/7 access to vital information.

Myth 10: Working with a professional organizer is like the Netflix show “The Home Edit.”

As is true of the Marie Kondo show “Tidying Up,” I believe that anything that shines a positive light on the industry is a good thing. I have watched every episode of both these shows and really enjoy them! In fact, I’ll have to confess to a little jealousy, as I would be thrilled to be featured on an organizing show. But I digress.

There are many similarities between “The Home Edit” and how Laurie and I work with our clients:

• We both meet with clients to make sure we understand their goals and preferences.

• We tailor our efforts specifically to their needs.

• We make the organizing sessions fun.

• We occasionally purchase organizing supplies for our clients.

Some of the major differences between Shipshape Solutions and “The Home Edit” include the following:

• While Clea, Joanna and their employees always bring products from The Container Store, we shop at Walmart, Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond to name a few. By the way, if someone has the power to open a location of The Container Store in the Tri-Cities, I would be extremely grateful if you could make it so.

• “The Home Edit” doesn’t usually work alongside the client, while we usually do.

• We are a MUCH smaller team with one location, although we will travel to any location to organize.

• We haven’t (yet) worked with any celebrity clients like Reese Witherspoon or Neil Patrick Harris.

Now that all 10 myths are busted, perhaps you’ve decided an organizer might be exactly what you need! You can reach us by email (angie@shipshape.solutions) or phone (423-567-4273) for a complimentary phone consultation. We’d love to help you conquer your organizing goals.

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Angie Hyche is a certified professional organizer and the owner of Shipshape Solutions. Her first book, “Unholy Mess: What the Bible Says about Clutter,” is available on Amazon. You can email her at angie@shipshape.solutions.