WEBER CITY – The Santa Train may have been without Santa and without the train this year, but that didn’t stop Santa’s elves from distributing gifts at a reimagined, drive-by event Saturday morning. At the Food City in Weber City, a steady stream of vehicles came through the event, each receiving backpacks for each child and two rolls of wrapping paper. Jamie Horton, assistant store manager and Santa Train coordinator for Food City, said the backpacks contained items like toys, socks, gloves and toboggans for children of all ages. “It felt weird getting up this morning; I’m usually on the train, and I’m driving over here saying, ‘OK, this is going to be totally different,’ but it’s been good,” Horton said. “We’ve had a lot of good responses from people, thankful that we’re even able to continue to do something for the Santa Train. That was what was important to us.”