KINGSPORT — Art, music and dance filled Broad Street, from the train station to Center Street, for the Fun Fest Downtown Street Fair on Saturday.

Activities began at 10 a.m. and officially concluded with a dance in the streets “cupid shuffle” in the 100 block.

The Downtown Street Fair, a returning Fun Fest event, drew a large crowd to downtown Kingsport, where live music, dance, and street artists entertained event goers - in many cases offering interactive experiences. The event closed with a open-invitation "cupid shuffle" dance in the 100 block of Broad Street.

Street performers made up much of the entertainment “busking” style, while more formal presentations included the Knoxville-based African American musical group Indigenous Vibes, the Chinese Lion Dancers from Atlanta, scenes from Lamplight Theatre’s production of “Dreams”; and the Full Gospel Mission Church Community Youth Choir.

Busking included acoustic guitar, Hula-Hoop, balloon art, pottery-making, and salsa dance exhibitions and lessons.

Salsa dance exhibitions and lessons proved to be among the most popular events during the Downtown Street Festival in Kingsport on Saturday, July 17, 2021. The festival is a Fun Fest event.

Fire trucks, dump trucks, school buses and other large vehicles were grouped on Main Street near the train station for the child-friendly Touch a Truck event.

“This Fun Fest event is all about inclusivity and diversity,” Downtown Kingsport Association Executive Director Robin Clearly said. “We have different cultural groups represented. There’s a China block, an India block, and an African block, with others mixed in as well. The entertainment has included everything from clogging to the salsa lessons. This event brings out a great cross-section of the community. We have all sorts of folks out here and the entertainment and activities are meant to be an opportunity for people to see and hear some music, dance and other arts they’re not likely to see very often in their daily lives.”

Cleary said turnout for the event was high throughout the day.

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