CHURCH HILL — Landon Bellamy named his new CD simply “Christmas,” although in retrospect he admits that another appropriate title might have been “A Christmas Leap of Faith.”

This is Bellamy’s third CD released in the past 12 months. His first CD, “Blessed,” was released in November 2019.

When he had sold enough copies to offset the production costs for “Blessed,” Bellamy released “Saved” in August.

“I did jump the gun with the Christmas project,” Bellamy said. “I haven’t recouped the money on ‘Saved’ yet. I really should have called it ‘A Christmas Leap of Faith’ because it definitely was.”

Bellamy added, “I just called it ‘Christmas.’ (Jokingly) I put a whole lot of thought into that title. It was a project I had planned to do, and then with all the COVID I had changed my mind. Then I had a lot people asking for Christmas music and a lot of churches calling wanting me to come sing Christmas songs. I really threw the album together in less than a month.”

“Christmas” will be released during a Saturday, Nov. 21 open house and concert at Flashback and Reruns, where Bellamy is employed at the Church Hill Shopping Center.

Bellamy will be performing songs from “Christmas” inside the store throughout the day beginning at noon.

“I will be singing inside, and we’ll be practicing social distancing and requiring masks,” he said. “I probably will sing for a long time because we’ll have to limit the number of people who come in at a time. Everybody who comes through to hear or get a CD, I’ll just keep singing until everybody makes it through. We’re hoping to have Santa, but we’re not sure if he’ll be able to come due to COVID.”

Bellamy is a Surgoinsville native who started playing piano at the age of 10, and by the age of 18, around the time he graduated from Volunteer High School in 2011, he was touring with Southern Gospel groups.

Singing didn’t come naturally to him, and he discovered that talent by accident thanks to an illness that incapacitated some of his bandmates prior to a gig.

“Actually, I didn’t want to be a singer,” Bellamy said. “I played piano for different groups for several years. I played in church my whole life, and when I was 18 I went out on the road. I done that until I was 24-25, and the last group that I was with, they got sick one weekend while we were on the road. They said you’re going to have to sing. They had never heard me sing, and I never sang publicly, but they put me on the spot and made me sing a song.

“I was too afraid to sing, and I never really done it, so that’s how I got started singing. I left that group a couple months after that and I started singing solo.”

Most of the songs on the new CD are classic Christmas standards like “Joy to the World,” “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem,” “Jesus is the Reason,” “Oh Holy Night,” “Mary Did You Know,” “The Greatest Gift of All,” “Circle of Love,” and “Mary Wrapped a Present for the World.”

There’s a clip from the “Christmas” album on Bellamy’s Facebook page: Landon Bellamy Music.

Bellamy has nine concerts scheduled between now and Christmas, and those dates, times and locations can be seen on his Facebook page as well.