Fun Fest 2021 logo

KINGSPORT — The Kingsport Chamber of Commerce is planning to hold Fun Fest this year just like any normal year, announcing on Wednesday the weeklong community celebration will take place from July 16-24.

Fun Fest, now in its 40th year, did not happen in the traditional sense last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit Kingsport hosted some virtual events, The Taste was con- ducted via take- out and “Un Fest” shirts were sold instead of the traditional Fun Fest ones.

This year, the chamber is planning Fun Fest in a normal capacity, said Emily Thompson, director of Fun Fest and Special Events for Visit Kingsport.

“Some events may take a year off and we’re still in the process of gathering events. We’ve not got a final plan,” Thompson said. “Key pieces are still in motion, we’re going to have our iconic events, and we’ve got new events in the works.”

Registration is open for the Crazy 8’s road race, the chamber is accepting entries for the hot air balloon race and The Taste, and announcements are coming soon about the concerts. Thompson said the chamber is still accepting ideas for events, and as we get closer to Fun Fest, if modifications have to be made due to COVID-19, those will be made as necessary.

Expect to hear some solid announcements about Fun Fest around the middle of May.

“We think the community is ready for Fun Fest, and we’re planning to give the community the best 40th anniversary we can,” Thompson said.