Ornament of Hope

‘The Ornament of Hope’

If you’re a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, Jonesborough resident Georgia Curtis Ling has released the perfect book for you.

Her first novel, “The Ornament of Hope,” is a faith-inspired Christmas romance about the power of hope, love and giving. Released on Oct. 15, the book has the quintessential feel of a Hallmark movie, while also taking a deeper dive into the difficulties of life.

“With quarantine, the pandemic, all the loss and isolation that we’ve experienced this past year,” Ling said, “I just wanted to bring a message of hope and love and joy, and the idea of giving.”

What’s your background?

Ling grew up in Stanton, Kentucky, about 30 miles east of Lexington. She attended Kentucky Christian University, where she met her husband, and served more than 20 years in full-time ministry.

After traveling for work, she and her husband returned to Kentucky to be near family. It wasn’t until her son attended Milligan College and moved to Johnson City that she and her husband decided to follow suit. Her new book is inspired by the town of Jonesborough, which she fell in love with after her move four years ago.

In addition to “The Ornament of Hope,” Ling has written a modern, commentary-style book called “What’s in the Bible for Women,” available on Amazon.

What’s the book about?

“The Ornament of Hope” tells the story of Shauna Murphy and Gabe Anderson, both of whom have experienced loss in some way. When they are brought together to sponsor an “ornament of hope” to help families in need, the two discover that an ordinary Christmas ornament is an extraordinary symbol of the hope, love and joy to be found in giving.

While telling the story, Ling also pays homage to the Appalachian artisans, folklore and traditions that are part of her heritage.

“It’s a story about the journey of loss and finding love, from loss to love,” Ling said. “Both characters have gone through traumatic loss, and they’re strangers and they find each other. It’s just the struggles of moving forward, and I think that’s what we all have.”

The book is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and electronic formats.

What’s next?

In January, Ling plans to release two new Bible studies as part of her “Moms in Faith” series. Then in April, Ling will release another series called “Bible Truths for Women.” Ling also plans to expand “The Ornament of Hope” into a series.

“The town (in the book) is called Spring Valley, so it’ll be the ‘Spring Valley’ series,” Ling said. “I’ll follow up with more stories in this area and with these characters. They’re the start of the series.”