KINGSPORT — Jim McKinney brought his Fun Fest quilt to the Times News on Monday because he wanted everyone to see it, especially since it was Fun Fest week.

We’re glad to oblige, Jim.

The quilt is ginormous, coming in at 7 feet wide and 9 feet long. It’s made up of 28 Fun Fest T-shirts from McKinney’s personal collection. The shirts are from 1983 through 2014 and the quilt is only used on McKinney’s king-sized bed during the week of Fun Fest.

And since we’re in the middle of Fun Fest, Jim wanted to show off the quilt to the community. At first he wanted to display the quilt in the Fun Fest store (where Jim has volunteered for decades), but the quilt was just too big.

So, he came to the newspaper.

The quilt took two years to make and was completed in 2019. Lisa Johnson of Church Hill quilted it, and Jill Rich of Sullivan Gardens pieced it together and did the stitching.

Thanks, Jim for sharing this beautiful quilt with our readers.

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