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Overcrowded Hawkins Humane Society offering adoption special

STAFF REPORT • Aug 5, 2019 at 12:16 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Hawkins County Humane Society continues to take in more cats and dogs than we can adopt out.

We are a no-kill shelter and really need your help. We are filled with dogs where we now cannot take any more in and are at the brink with kittens and cats. We are having a ‘Back to School Adoption Special’.

All dogs are reduced to $30 (puppies $65). For our ‘Abandoned Dogs’ with us for over 90 days we have an extra discount to $20. All kittens and neutered cats are $10 and non-neutered cats at $20. These specials are through Saturday August 17.

Our so sweet but ‘Abandoned Dogs’ over 90 days at our shelter are listed below.

They are all super people friendly. For any of them you can enter their kennel and the only danger is them jumping on you for attention (not Trooper he is sweet, older and impatient).

Many of our dogs are described on Pet Finder — www.petfinder.com/shelters/TN129.html 

1) Buck - Shepherd and Lab, 1-yr, M. Buck is a beautiful young sweetheart with kind friendly eyes, expressive character, intelligence and good temperament. He loves people. He really likes walks and to play fetch. With his nice fur he is fun to pet. He will make a great best friend. {105 days at shelter}

2) Chase – Bull Terrier & Aust, 1-yr, M. Chase is especially friendly and affectionate. A small to medium size dog that loves to play. A super sweetheart that bursts with personality. He is a shelter favorite {120 days at shelter}

3) Chloe – Boxer Mix, 2 yrs, F. Chloe is very special and sweet boxer mix. She really loves people. She is a smaller dog and will really bond with her new best buddy (you). She is best to be the only dog in the household. {92 days at shelter}.

4) Lucky – Brittany & English Spaniel mix, 2 yrs, M. Lucky loves to be with people and loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. Would be a good dog for hiking and playing games. He is a shelter favorite and should be an outstanding pet. {116 days at shelter}.

5) Lucy – Stafford-shire Terrier, 2-3 yrs, fixed, F. Lucy is a little shy and takes a few minutes to warm up to you. She loves the outdoors and cannot wait until she finds a new home. She is a little anxious but really calms down and so nice if you can just spend a few minutes with her. {90 days at shelter}

6) Muttley – English Setter & Lab mix, 2 yrs, M. Muttley will make an outstanding pet. One of our all-around best dogs for adoption. Muttley is very sweet, beautiful, affectionate and friendly. He loves people and to play. He is great with people and also other dogs. Do not understand why not adopted yet {92 days at shelter}

7) Rocky - Plott Hound mix, 2-3 yrs, fixed, M. Rocky is a nice and friendly dog. He has medium activity, still jumps on people to play so would be best with older children. He is a larger dog that combines strength with enthusiasm. A very special and unique dog. {238 days at shelter}

8) Rudolph - Lab mix, 1-2 yrs, fixed, M. Rudolph is a nice black Lab mix. He loves to play and is a lot of fun to hang out with. He is so cute and has a lot of character. He has medium activity so should have a nice yard. He really loves people. He gets along well with most other dogs. Now has 6 months at our shelter. {223 days at shelter}

9) Trooper -Yellow Lab, 10 years, housebroken, M. Trooper is an overall nice, loving and friendly dog. He is a little stressed at shelter. He maybe best as only dog and with older children in household. {122 days at shelter}

Visit or mail donations to: Hawkins County Humane Society, P.O. Box 217, 5180 Highway 11W, Rogersville, TN 37857; or call 423-272-6538 for more info.

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