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Celebrating Greek life, college football and another year with daddy

Susan E. Kendrick • Oct 20, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Dear Readers ~

The usual sound of chit-chat, giggles, music, TV, squeals and doors shutting is missing from the sorority house as I begin my correspondence with you. The house is very quiet. Too quiet. The only sound I hear is the constant trickle of water flowing in my office fountain. Peaceful and conducive for writing to you but I prefer the noise of activities ... well, at least “keeping it down to a loud roar” as my father says. The AXO Pledge Class ’18 is being initiated today into full membership outside the house in the Athens Civic Center. This tradition is part of the bonding that occurs when young women join a Greek sisterhood on any campus. Lasting friendships are made through joined efforts for philanthropy projects, socials, leadership opportunities, living together and attending classes and sporting events. I have mentioned previously that these young women are learning business skills that I did not learn until I was a member of the Junior League. The opportunities are more competitive now than they were when I was studying at the University of Georgia with the Greek life offering a bit of an edge to collegiate activities in many areas.

And, speaking of this awesome school, looks like our football team may well be facing a bright season. Though the final score reflected a win in the Georgia/Tennessee game, there were some crucial times that in the second half I felt uncomfortable. It seems that the old days of wondering if we could get the ball into the endzone would prevail. I do realize that we have some GREAT athletes with some of the top recruits but so do other teams. The SEC is the best conference in the country and each team is expected to win each Saturday. That is impossible.

Daddy had season football tickets from 1962 to 2015. Georgia football runs through my veins. I have shared with you in the past that I have been attending games between the hedges and followed the teams on the road since I was a toddler wearing little UGA cheerleading outfits. When I was a student in Athens, my family had the best tailgates. Friends knew where we were even in later years under a certain magnolia tree and would visit throughout each season. During those earlier times, I promised myself that when I was older that I would not adorn all the red and black garb with school jewelry as the alumni did. Ha! As an adult, I have found that red and black is stylish as I enjoy supporting my team or during Christmas festivities. Look at these adorable cousins, Myles Gamble and Evelyn Rose, showing their team pride for two great universities as their parents cheer on. And, the Wills family celebrated another fall Saturday in Athens with their granddaughters, Lily and Anna, who recently attended their first UGA game.

Celebrating another birthday next week is my father who will turn 86. I will be going home to watch the televised LSU game with him. Despite all my friends and family, I cannot think of another person with whom I would rather watch Georgia football. He was my teacher/coach who explained plays to me as a youngster. Little did I know that in college that knowledge would segue way into allowing me to write about sports and attend the late Dan Magill’s annual summer barbecue for sports writers and announcers. I actually sat next to the also late Larry Munson who was the “Voice of the Bulldogs.” I was a humbled but thrilled fan!

As I close, please know that you will find my column on the move to the last Sunday of each month ~ instead of the first ~ so I will look forward to writing again to you on Oct. 28, as this transition occurs. And, most often the unrealistic optimist, I am cautiously hoping and keeping my fingers crossed for that national championship again this year. Meanwhile, I extend well-wishes to UT for a successful season!

Lastly, though I will not use this column for a political platform, I am asking all of you praying folks to keep the Judge Kavanaugh hearings in God’s will. This is huge my fellow Americans as the next Supreme Court Justice is considered with a mid-term election looming ~ HUGE.

Go Dawgs!



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