The top-12 most viewed Hawkins County stories of 2017

Jeff Bobo • Jan 2, 2018 at 1:25 PM

The Times-News printed a lot of positive stories about good things happening in Hawkins County in 2017, but a sad fact of life, and Journalism, is that stories featuring high profile crimes and horrific tragedies garner the most Internet attention. 

This past year was no exception to that rule. Here are the 12 Hawkins County stories that received the most views online: 

12. Hawkins cemetery swindler's high-dollar designer accessories up for auction: 34,469.

Vickie Ringley admittedly swindled well over $100,000 from Hawkins County Memorial Gardens patrons over a 20 year period, and based on the property seized from her which was auctioned in May, it’s not hard to see where that money went.

11. Hawkins juvenile judge's law license suspended for admitted 'dishonesty': 37,508.

Hawkins County Juvenile Judge Daniel Boyd agreed to a 120-day law license suspension for violating three rules of professional conduct pertaining to admitted "dishonesty" in his private law practice.

10. Body of unknown woman discovered in septic overflow pond at Hawkins trailer park: 39,360.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman who was found dead in a mobile home park septic tank overflow pond in April in the Stanley Valley community north of Surgoinsville.

9. Mount Carmel youth Sunday school teacher faces child porn, enticement charges: 42,262.

A Mount Carmel church deacon who works with children was indicted in June in U.S. District Court in Greeneville on two counts of production of child pornography and one count of enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity.

8. Rogersville man killed in 11-W collision with tractor trailer: 43,917.

A Rogersville man was killed in October when he reportedly pulled out onto Highway 11-W into the path of a large truck.

7. Hawkins sheriff's auction features a variety of hot rods, sports cars and Harleys: 45,660.

The July HCSO seized vehicle auction featured several high profile attractions including a 2013 Corvette with only 14,000 miles, two 1964 Ford Falcons, two 1973 Ford Pinto dragsters, and two Harleys.

6. Infant flown to Vanderbilt after six injured in Hawkins deck collapse: 58,075.

Six people were injured in April when a second-story deck collapsed, including a 5-month-old child who was flown to Vanderbilt University in extremely critical condition.

5. Nine stricken with mystery illness at Rogersville health clinic: 66,051.

Investigators were trying to determine what caused nine employees at a Rogersville health clinic to suffer a sudden illness in November after being exposed to a patient emanating a chemical odor.

4. Truck misses Rogersville nursing home 'by the grace of God and two pine trees': 81,240.

In December a pickup and a tractor-trailer impacted violently, after which the semi driver lost control, crossed the median and eastbound lanes, and traveled down an embankment on the south side of the highway toward the Signature Healthcare nursing home.

3. Church Hill man charged in shooting death of wife: 88,880.

In January a Church Hill man was charged with first-degree murder and felony reckless endangerment for allegedly shooting his wife to death in close proximity to their 2-year-old son.

2. Rogersville pediatrician Calendine indicted on sexual battery charges: 112,234.

In August Rogersville pediatrician Dr. Chris Calendine was arrested on a sealed Hawkins County grand jury indictment warrant charging him with aggravated sexual battery and sexual battery by an authority figure.

1. Carly Trent’s Amber Alert story from 2016: 797,462.

From May of 2016, this story went viral again in 2017 after an Amber alert involving a child from West Tennessee was issued. We assume people searching for that story found our story online instead.

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