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A Donetsk's emergency employee works at a site of a shopping center destroyed after what Russian officials in Donetsk said it was a shelling by Ukrainian forces, in Donetsk, in Russian-controlled Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, Monday, Jan. 16, 2023.

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — The final death toll from a weekend Russian missile strike on an apartment building in southeastern Ukraine reached 44, officials said Tuesday, as the body of another child was pulled from the wreckage. The strike in the city of Dnipro was the war's deadliest attack since the spring on civilians at one location.

Those killed in the Saturday afternoon strike included five children, and 79 people were injured, according to Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the Ukrainian president's office. The final toll included two dozen people initially listed as missing at the multistory building, which housed about 1,700, he said.

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