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Welcome to Advantage

Welcome to Times-News Advantage, a premium benefit package you receive from us for simply being a member.

Advantage membership has its privileges, and is one way we can reward our long-time customers for your loyalty over the years. It is also a way we can offer you a host of benefits and rewards in addition to our news products.

News and information that is both interesting and useful is what we strive to give you daily. Whether it is breaking news from the courts, government, or local schools; a good news story on an area non-profit; an opinion on a controversial local topic; births, weddings, engagements, or obituaries; a gallery of reader photos; the perfect recipe for Sunday dinner or the best movie to see this weekend - we publish it all and deliver it to your home and online 24/7. Our goal is to make your life easier, smarter, safer, better, healthier, more fun, save you money, save you time . . .

Beyond our new rewards offerings and the daily information you depend on, Advantage also offers you, our members, one more thing - the ability to be heard. We want to hear from you, listen to you, and get your input as we put together our portfolio of products and information available to our members. Your voice is important to us.

Take a look at the member benefits and rewards on this page, and be sure you're signed up for all the good stuff Advantage offers. And if you're not already a member, it's easy to get started! Just go to the "click here to join today" button, and choose the plan that works best for you!

Member Benefits

Your Advantage membership gives you a lot more now than you previously had with your newspaper subscription, and in the future, additional features and benefit upgrades will be available to all our members.

Right now, your Times-News Advantage package includes:

  • The best local news, including local sports, business, in-depth local features, reader photos, local entertainment, and more
  • Your choice of available print products delivered to your home
  • 24/7 access to our e-edition, from your mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop
  • Free classified ads for up to ten items for sale
  • Discounted Entertainment tickets, restaurant specials and retail deals
  • Free/discounted admission to Times-News events
  • Invitations to members only events

Click on the links below to make sure you are signed up for our complete package:

FAQ's for Advantage Membership

Kingsport Times-News ADVANTAGE is a membership layer that adds even more value to your subscription by giving you exclusive perks and privileges, like discounts to local businesses and community events and free/discounted admission to Kingsport Times-News events. Soon, your membership will also include deeper access to in-depth stories and behind-the-scenes interviews, as well as member exclusive contests and exclusive access to our information planning processes. Members will be able to participate in how and what we publish! You'll still receive the print edition and have access to our digital edition, but with ADVANTAGE, you get more.

What do I need to do to activate my membership?
If you are already a Kingsport Times-News subscriber your existing subscription has been automatically upgraded to an ADVANTAGE membership. You just need to register and enter your email address to get started. You can do that right now by registering at www.timesnews.net/e-edition for the electronic edition and registering at www.ktnrewards.com for on demand discounts and coupons. 

How can I become a member?
If you are not a subscriber you can join right now! Your membership includes the print and online editions. Just go to www.timesnews.net/get-the-paper to view our available offers.

What is the difference between membership and a subscription?
Membership offers additional value to your existing subscription. ADVANTAGE members have more access to exclusive content, member-exclusive discounts, member exclusive contests & tickets and free/reduced admissions to Kingsport Times-News events. Members will also get exclusive access to our information planning processes.

Do I need a card or number to use my ADVANTAGE membership?
No card or number will be needed.

Does it cost extra to have a membership?
No, your current subscription is automatically upgraded to membership status when you register. There will be NO change to your current rate when you register.

How will I know about the discounts to local businesses?
We'll keep you informed about discounts through emails, twitter, facebook, newspaper and internet ads and other communications. Just make sure you register with your email address so you're sure to receive all of the offers. Go to www.ktnrewards.com to login/register for on demand coupons and then go to www.timesnews.net/e-blast to register for special announcements, news and special offers through e-Mail.

Will the print edition/masthead/look of the paper change?
No, the print edition will remain the same.

Will you raise the prices to current online edition subscribers like me?
NO! You will continue at your current rate for now. As with any rates, things may change, but you will be notified if your rates will be adjusted. You will also have all of the benefits of the ADVANTAGE membership.

How will this affect mail subscribers like me?
You will also automatically be upgraded to the ADVANTAGE membership program when you register. You will have the same benefits available that local members enjoy.

What if I stop my paper, does my membership expire?
Vacation: While you hold your print edition during a short term vacation, your other benefits will remain available. And you still have full access to our ePaper edition to keep you connected to your local community while you are away. Because your access continues, we do not offer vacation credits. You can choose to donate your print subscription during your vacation to our Newspapers in Education program, which helps educators teach current events and local government in their classrooms. Longer stops may result in a termination of membership benefits (i.e. vacation stop requests w/o a restart date).
Perm stop: Your subscription has been upgraded to include all membership benefits, including delivery of our print edition. If you were to stop your membership, you would also stop all benefits, from home delivery to exclusive online content and other special member-exclusive discounts and offers.

Can I be a member without taking the print edition?
Yes! As a member, you will have the option of utilizing as many of our products as you choose. All members will have the convenience of being able to select the frequency of their print edition from among available options; if you choose not to have any print copies delivered to your home, you will still be able to enjoy all of the other benefits of ADVANTAGE. You can choose to donate your print subscription to our Newspapers in Education program, which helps educators teach current events and local government in their classrooms.

How will it affect me if I don't subscribe to print or online right now?
We know that the Kingsport Times-News is the primary source for local news and entertainment. Access to basic news and community events at www.timesnews.net will remain the same, however, we will be adding member-exclusive content that the casual visitor will not be able to access. While we're not taking anything away, you will notice more in depth content, exclusive interviews, video and more available only to ADVANTAGE members. Why don't you join today and see how being a member gives you more?

What if I'm already taking just the online but no print, will I still receive the benefits?
Yes! As a member with access to the epaper, you will automatically be upgraded to the ADVANTAGE membership when you register.

What if I don't have an email address?
Offers will be shared with members through a variety of methods, including listings in our print and online editions, a dedicated members-only webpage, and through social media such as twitter and facebook. We have found that email is the quickest way for us to communicate with our members about time-sensitive things - like the free/discounted tickets we give away to local sporting events, movie premiers, and other entertainment like concerts and races. For the most effective communication, you might want to consider setting up an email account. There are several service providers on the market that offer free email services - like Google and Yahoo. We never sell your email address and only send you information pertinent to your membership preferences.

Will the price go up in the future?
Your price will not be affected by our change to membership. Although we cannot guarantee that prices will not go up in the future, we can let you know that we are always striving to give our members exclusive discounts and other values to go along with all of the great news coverage you've come to expect. We will make certain, always, that a Kingsport Times-News Advantage membership is a superlative value.

What if I don't want to be an ADVANTAGE member, can I pay less to just get the print edition?
The ADVANTAGE membership is not an increase to your existing rates, it just offers more value to your subscription. As with most memberships, you can use as much or as little of the added benefits as you choose. Over the next few months, take a look at the offers that are listed and you might find that there are additional values that you will enjoy as well.

If I don't subscribe now, can I just pay for the expanded content on your website?
At this time, this option is not available. This may be something that we explore in the future, so keep an eye out for new options. In the meantime, why don't you give membership a try? Check out what available offers we have for you right now! Go to www.timesnews.net/get-the-paper

Will you eventually take things off your website for those readers who aren't members?
It's not about giving people less, it's about giving our members more. We understand the important service that our website offers when it comes to keeping our community informed. We will continue to offer access to basic local news and basic community information at timesnews.net. But, from now on our ADVANTAGE members will have the ability to view more in depth coverage, additional exclusive content, member-exclusive discounts & tickets, member exclusive contests and free/discounted admissions to Kingsport Times-News events. Members will also get exclusive access to our information planning processes.

Can I still comment on the site without being a member?
Yes, the guidelines for online comments have not changed.

I am a carrier/employee, can I get the benefits of membership?
If you are a subscriber, then yes, you are automatically upgraded to our ADVANTAGE membership when you register. If you weren't subscribing before, you can make that happen right now!

I only want the print edition on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays?
At this time our print delivery frequency options will not change.

I've been taking the print and epaper for a long time and have paid extra for the epaper. Why are you now giving it away with a regular subscription?
First of all, thank you for being a loyal Kingsport Times-News reader. We are pleased to be able to merge our previously separate publications of the print Kingsport Times-News and the digital edition of the Kingsport Times-News into one easy to use membership. You are still on a great rate with Kingsport Times-News and now, in addition to having access to both the print and digital editions you will now get exclusive perks and privileges. You will get discounts to local businesses and community events, discounted ticket offers and free/reduced admission to Kingsport Times-News events. Soon, your membership will also include deeper access to in-depth stories and behind-the-scenes interviews, as well member exclusive contests and exclusive access to our information planning processes. Members will be able to participate in how and what we publish!

KTN Rewards

KTN Rewards is available only to Times-News members, and features discounts and deals from both local and national businesses. Just enter your email address and password for access. You can print hard copy coupons or just show the offers from your mobile device!

KTN Rewards includes:

  • Discounted Entertainment Tickets (Movies, Theme Parks, Attractions, Hotels, and Car Rentals nationwide, etc.)
  • Retail Deals (Cosmetics, Oil Changes, Financial Services, Pharmacy Discounts, Haircuts, Music, Gifts and Collectibles, Home Improvement, and more)
  • LOTS of Restaurant specials (local, regional, national)

If you haven't already signed up for KTN Rewards, you can do it now at: www.ktnrewards.com

Who To Call

If you have questions or problems, we're here to help. Call/email directly to the department below that can assist you, or call/email Joe Adams, Times-News Membership Director, at 423-392-1382, jadams@timesnews.net.

If you have circulation questions:

  • Starting/Stopping Home Delivery
  • Delivery Issues
  • Mail memberships
  • Electronic Edition
  • Back Issues
  • Payment and Account Management
  • Vacation Holds
  • KTN Rewards

* Call the Circulation Department - 423-392-1390, or email circulation@timesnews.net (Managers Phil Hensley, 423-392-1333, phensley@timesnews.net and Joe Adams, 423-392-1382, jadams@timesnews.net)

If you have advertising questions:

- For classified advertising (print/online)
* Call Classified Advertising - 423-392-1311, or email classifieds@timesnews.net
(Manager Karen Gillenwater, 423-392-1324, kgillenwater@timesnews.net)

- For legal advertising
* Call Classified Advertising - 423-392-1311, or email classifieds@timesnews.net
(Manager Karen Gillenwater, 423-392-1324, or email kgillenwater@timesnews.net)

- For Local Display Advertising
*Call Retail Advertising - 423-392-1319, or email retail@timesnews.net
(Manager Billy Kirk, 423-392-1328, bkirk@timesnews.net)

- For National Display Advertising
*Call Manager George Coleman - 423-392-1393, or email gcoleman@timesnews.net

- For Advertising Billing customer service
*Call Manager Debbie Salyers - 423-392-1308, or email dsalyers@timesnews.net

If you want to submit information or talk to someone in our newsroom:

- To submit an obituary, birth announcement, engagement, or wedding:
*Send to Carol Broyles, 423-392-1361, cbroyles@timesnews.net

- To submit a tip or story idea:
*Send to news@timesnews.net, or send to City Editor Stephanie McClellan, smcclellan@timesnews.net, 423-392-1374

- To submit sports information:
*Send to sports@timesnews.net, 423-392-1323
(Manager Pat Kenney, 423-723-1434, pkenney@timesnews.net)

- To submit a letter to the editor:
*Send to Carol Broyles, cbroyles@timesnews.net, 423-392-1361, or mail to Kingsport Times-News, 701 Lynn Garden Drive, 37660, attn: Carol Broyles

Other Numbers:

Toll Free: 800-251-0328
All Departments: 423-246-8121
Fax Number: 423-392-1385

701 Lynn Garden Drive
Kingsport, Tennessee 37660


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