New venue in Scott County gives brides a riverfront wedding

Nick Shepherd • Updated Jul 31, 2017 at 1:54 PM

HILTONS — Getting married? Looking for a reasonably priced venue with a lush green lawn, plenty of parking and picturesque views? Homestead on the Holston in Scott County may be the perfect place for you.

On the property of a historic home built in 1796, Homestead on the Holston was founded by Linda Burkett about a year ago. It is situated on four acres in Hiltons and is just steps away from the Holston River.

Burkett came up with the idea following the death of her husband approximately a year and a half ago.

“When he passed away, I just needed something. I needed something to keep my mind occupied and busy.”

She did not want to sell the home she had bought during a divorce 27 years ago. She thought if she was going to keep the house, something needed to be done with it. So she decided to turn her property into a wedding venue.

Homestead on the Holston was started in July 2016 with Burkett working toward hosting events in the spring. The biggest expense was putting a caterer’s kitchen in her basement. The first wedding took place at the site on June 10.

Burkett said it went very well.

On a recent Thursday, she was preparing for a unique wedding. The bride wanted to have an Alice in Wonderland theme. Most of the decor and props were handmade by Burkett. A series of teapots, writings on mirrors and a Cheshire cat cutout were intended to give the wedding the feel of peering Through the Looking Glass.

Homestead on the Holston provides options for brides, including offering every service a wedding could potentially need. Catering is done in-house and offers either a full buffet or just appetizers. The venue also offers a professional photographer to document the big day.

The venue offers different packages to provide reasonable prices for brides in the Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee region. Among the options are an all-inclusive package as well as a ceremony-only package.

“There are lots of wedding venues brides can choose from,” Burkett said. “They are all more expensive than this one. We want to offer something beautiful and something they will be happy with on their budget.” 

For more information,contact Burkett at (423) 502-2908, visit holstonhomestead.com or https://www.facebook.com/holstonhomestead/