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Scholar-Athlete Spotlight: Sullivan South's Ethan Ward

Douglas Fritz • Apr 22, 2018 at 8:49 PM

Our spring sports Scholar-Athlete Spotlight offers some of today’s brightest high school athletes the chance to answer several random questions. Some of the questions will be challenging, some will be light-hearted and some will be serious.

The Ethan Ward File

Senior at Sullivan South High School

Track, 110/300 hurdles

• GPA: 4.0

• ACT: 34

• Favorite movie: “Inception”

• Favorite song: “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin

• People you admire: My parents

• College choice: University of Tennessee

Interesting Facts

• Enjoys playing guitar and drums

• Fellowship of Christian Athletes

• Beta Club

• NHS Club

The Four Questions

1. You are a parent of a high school senior, the undisputed fastest kid on the football team. Each day after practice, your son complains he’s not getting a chance to play. In the first three games, he doesn’t play a single snap. He says the coach doesn’t know what he’s doing. What do you tell your son?

“I would first tell my son that everything in life isn’t fair,” said Ward. “However, I wouldn’t want him to feel sorry for himself and give up. I would tell him to work the hardest out of anyone on the field and lead by example. He would have to give the coach no choice but to put him in because of how hard he has worked, both studying schemes and bringing his best to practice every day. These things are impossible to pass up for any coach.”

2. You are the sole income for a family of three. You have a job with good hours, good pay and good benefits. The owner comes to you and unequivocally tells you to “fix” a situation in a way that is not illegal, but is not “by the books” and could get you fired if discovered down the road and the owner doesn’t support you. What do you do?

“This is certainly a tough dilemma considering you are weighing out your loyalty to your boss versus breaking your ethical code. In this situation, I would certainly have to stick to my ethics. I believe that no matter what upside this situation could potentially bring, the reward for sticking to your ethics would be much greater. I would be far more content lying to rest at night, knowing that my job is safe and my family will have a house to come home to and food on the table.”

3. After graduating from college, a relative offers you one of three trips, all expenses paid: 1. Hawaii for a five days; 2. Paris for a week; 3. Australia for two weeks. Which trip do you take and explain why?

“My first choice would be Australia for two weeks. I am very interested in differing cultures and customs, and I believe it would be very interesting to see those first hand on a two-week trip — not to mention the varying wildlife that resides there. A trip to Australia would be an interesting one no doubt.”

4. The Class of 2018 from all Sullivan County high schools comes together for one evening to hear three speeches about their future. You get to do one of the speeches, focusing on one subject and speaking for 30 minutes. What would your subject and main point be?

“I would talk about the importance of hard work and dedication to whatever you do. When one does things the right way, there tends to be a greater reward in the long run, no matter what the short-term effects look like. It is certainly the road less traveled, but the rewards of hard work far outweigh the temporary satisfactions laziness can bring. I would just encourage everyone to attack every day and to not cheat themselves.”