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Scholar-Athlete Spotlight: Boone's Shelton tackles four questions

By Douglas Fritz • Mar 26, 2018 at 12:31 AM

Our spring sports Scholar-Athlete Spotlight offers some of our region’s brightest high school athletes the opportunity to answer several random questions. Some of the questions will be challenging, some will be lighthearted and some will be serious.

The Noah Shelton File

Senior at Daniel Boone High School

Track, High jump

• GPA: 4.1

• ACT: 32

• Favorite food: Anything mom makes

• Person I admire: My father, Tony Shelton

Interesting facts

• President of Truth Bible Club

• Quarterback of football team


1. You’ve been tasked to start a garden to feed yourself for a month. You’ve been given the needed tools, but you cannot ask anyone for help, not even Mr. Google. What would you do?

“Well, first I would take a minute and try to recall things I should have learned in my Ag Science,” said Shelton. “After a few minutes of remembering absolutely nothing, I would start. I would plow my ground first, that seems to be a logical first step. Then I would plant whatever seeds I was given.

“I assume the required tools include tractor, harvester, and other pieces of equipment because if I'm supposed to feed myself for a month, this garden will look more like a field. Now once I've got the seeds in the ground I would use some type of fertilizer to increase yield and spray pesticide because organic means nothing to me. Now once these steps are done, I make sure enough water is present and wait for my harvest.”

2. After graduating college, if you could start any profession of your choice and work that job for one year to toughen yourself mentally, what would it be?

“If I wanted a job just to strictly toughen my mindset, I would go over to California or Texas and pick fruit. After working in that system where you literally get paid for how much you pick:

1. I would really appreciate any professional job.

2. I would come into a profession knowing exactly how to work hard.

Now what are the chances I actually do that? Zero. So a more realistic answer for me would be to go work on Wall Street as a stock trader. It is very cutthroat up there and would definitely toughen my mindset.”

3. You just won the lottery: $3.6 million after taxes have been taken out. Is that a good thing?

“Name one person who wouldn't take 3.6 million. They'd be crazy not to. There are so many things you could do with that money, even if you don't spend a dime on yourself. There's charities, mission trips, school facilities, and a ton of other stuff that money could be thrown to, not to mention a nice car, boat, house, or all three for yourself if that's how you spend it. Personally, I would buy a brand new Mustang, my mom a beach house, and invest the rest along with donations to worthy causes.”

4. What is the best thing the class of 2018 has going for it?

“Speaking for the Class of 2018 in this area, the best thing we have going for us is where we are, Tennessee. There is no excuse for anyone in this area to not get at least an associate’s degree because it's free. And especially in our area if you want more than a two-year degree, ETSU is in our backyard where you can go on and get master’s degrees in multiple fields. I would definitely say that our area provides us, the senior class, with all the opportunities we need to start living successful lives.”