Abused beagle found with twine tied around its mouth needs good home

Jeff Bobo • Mar 15, 2019 at 11:45 AM

ROGERSVILLE — A Rogersville veterinarian office is trying to find a good home for an abused beagle that showed up at its doorstep last month with baling twine tied around its snout.

The dog, they later nicknamed "Jaws" had a severe injury to its mouth due to the twine, and required surgery to repair.

Staff at the Dog and Cat Depot on Farside Drive in Rogersville noticed a beagle walking in the parking lot outside their office, and they could tell something was wrong with her mouth.

Owner Kevin Hughes went outside to check on the dog, and it took off running down the hill from their clinic to Highway 11-W. Hughes owns the Dog and Cat Depot with his wife Dr. Lisa Twerk.

Veterinary assistant Julie Baker told the Times News Thursday that "Jaws" was obviously weak, and eventually rolled over and surrendered to Hughes.

"She wouldn't let us touch her, but you could tell by looking at her that her mouth was malformed," Baker said. "We had to anesthetize her so we could handle her, and we saw there was bailing twine around her mouth. I don't know why it was there, but I've heard of people wrapping things around dogs' mouths to keep them from barking."

Baker added, "She can be a bit of a barker. But she's never really had any human interaction. You can tell she has no idea how to handle humans. And, she's been bred, and bred and bred. She acts like she's just been chained up — bred over and over and over — and barks too much so they tied something around her mouth to shut her up."

A piece of twine was surgically removed from her mouth that was embedded in her jaw so deep it moved her teeth.

But, she's healed up now and ready for a new home.

But, "Jaws" is going to require someone who is very special and will be patient with her.

"Whenever you touch her or try to go near her, she panics," Baker said. "She doesn't bite and she's not at all mean. She wants to warm up. We have other foster dogs that come up to us and want to be petted and play, and she'll follow them and wants to badly to be brave like they are. She just doesn't have it in her yet, but she's getting a little bit better. Sometimes she'll let you put your fingertips on her back, but most to of the time she doesn't want to be touched."

Jaws has been spayed, updated on shots and her heartworm test came back negative.

Anyone interest in adopting Jaws can call (423) 347-2000, or stop by the Dog and Cat Depot during business hours at 318 Farside Drive, Rogersville.

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