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Abandoned dog dies near Bridge Home, shelter director says never leave animals after hours

STAFF • Sep 25, 2018 at 2:45 PM

BLOUNTVILLE — Bridge Home No Kill Animal Rescue is in the business of saving lives, that’s why it was more than upsetting for shelter employees when they recently found a dog had collapsed near their property and died.

They soon found out what happened. Someone had come to the shelter after traditional operating hours and tied the dog to the shelter’s fence with two leashes. The dog chewed through both leashes and wandered into nearby traffic and into the path of a car.

“That poor innocent dog was hit by a car, I don’t know how much he suffered,“ Bridge Home Director Regina Isenberg said Monday.

“He was trying to get away, to get home, maybe. He chewed through the leashes, that’s what dogs do. It just breaks my heart.”


Isenberg said she wants people to know abandoning an animal at a shelter after hours is never the right thing to do.

“If you cannot keep an animal, take it to a shelter when that shelter is open. At least that dog would be alive today if they had done that,” she said.

Bridge Home has had previous had problems with people abandoning animals at the shelter, and Isenberg posted a sign instructing people not to leave animals there after hours. But it still happens.

“Do you think that makes any difference? No,” she said.


Isenberg has been working to promote animal welfare for more than 25 years. She founded Bridge Home, and it opened at its Blountville location in 2015.

“People constantly come, they bring beautiful animals. But I cannot take them all,” said Isenberg, adding that Bridge Home recently took in eight abandoned dogs. People bring her animals from all over East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

“We don’t get a penny of funding from the county or the city, we just get the animals from the whole area. At least the public shelters have a budget,” she said.


Bridge Home officials are grateful for any volunteer help or donations of money and materials for the shelter. Donations of pet food, puppy pads, clumping cat litter and other materials an animal shelter needs are always appreciated, Isenberg said.
Tax-deductible donations are always welcome and can be mailed to Bridge Home Animal Rescue at P.O. Box 654, Blountville, TN 37617. For more information on other ways you can help Bridge Home, call (423) 239-5237.

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