Abused three-legged dog adopted from Hawkins shelter after a year

Jeff Bobo • Jun 21, 2017 at 11:15 AM


ROGERSVILLE — Tripod the three legged German Shepherd mix loves other dogs.

People, on the other hand — not so much.

As a result, the Hawkins County Humane Society had been unable to find a new home for Tripod for more than a year.

That is, until the HCHS posted some photos and facts about Tripod's tragic life on its Facebook page.

Now, Tripod has a new family that doesn't mind if they never get to pet her. Andrea Stroud of Mooresburg said she and her husband, Billy, "just want Tripod to have a good home where she doesn't have to be afraid."

HCHS Assistant Manager Julie Baker knows that Tripod is a senior dog that was tied up for her entire life before coming to the shelter last year.

They don't know how she lost the bottom half of her back right leg, but based on the way she acts around people, experienced dog handlers like the HCHS staff have concluded that Tripod was severely abused.

"When her person died, his family brought us his five dogs," Baker said. "The other four were adopted right away, but she stayed with us for over a year. She just stayed out in the back lot where she had free run, but she wouldn't get close to anybody."

Baker added, “If someone came in looking to adopt, Tripod wouldn't let them touch her or get close to her. We put it on Facebook that this dog has never had a good day in her life, and she just needs somewhere to go and be relaxed because it's too chaotic at the shelter."

Andrea Stroud answered the call, and on Saturday Tripod was delivered to the eight-acre farm she and Billy now share with six dogs including Tripod.

When she saw the photos of Tripod on Facebook, it reminded Andrea of a German Shepherd mix she used to have.

"I seen her and I couldn't believe nobody wanted her," Andrea said. "She’s beautiful. I have the room for her, and I just want her to live out the rest of her days happy and not have to be afraid."

Currently, Tripod is staying in a large fenced-in dog lot with another older dog the Strouds own. When Tripod gets used to her new home, she'll be turned loose to roam the entire eight acres with the other dogs.

Their property is bordered on both sides by large pastures, and they don’t have any close neighbors. It couldn’t be a more perfect home for Tripod.  

"I'm just keeping her in (the dog lot) for now until she knows this is home," Andrea said. "She's done OK. We talk to her every day so she'll become familiar with us. She seems to be happy, but you can tell she is scared. She wants to trust us. She's just scared. I think in time she's going to come around.”

Tripod gets along great well with her five new four-legged family members.

But Tripod hasn't let the Strouds pet her yet, and they haven't pushed the issue.

She's not aggressive with her humans. If a person gets too close, she gives them a look like, "Respect my boundaries."

"I just want to be able to give her a good home and show her love and that not everybody is bad," Andrea said. "I'm hoping one day I can pet her, but if I can't that's OK. I just want her to have a good home where she doesn't have to be afraid. What's happened to her is not her fault."                                           

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