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Dancing and drumming at Native American Gathering near Rogersville

STAFF REPORT • Oct 7, 2019 at 7:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Native Americans from across the region converged on the Amis Mill Historic Site on Saturday for a day of music, dancing, storytelling and education.

The fourth annual Native American Gathering was founded in 2016 by full-blooded Chickamauga Cherokee Stonewolf Moore after a chance meeting with property owners Jake and Wendy Jacobs.

That property has historic significance to the descendants of white settlers and the Native Americans who lived there before.

Stonewolf calls it “sacred ground.”

The gather was primarily intended as an educational event for youngsters, who participated in a variety of activities, including face painting, drumming, blowgun demonstrations and storytelling to name a few. 

There were also Native American arts and crafts and demonstrations throughout the day. Stonewolf said he hopes to continue the gathering annually and watch it get bigger and better.

All photos by Sheldon Livesay.

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