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Rogersville historian seeks church stories for new book

GEORGE WEBB, Community Contributor • Jun 30, 2019 at 8:30 AM

ROGERSVILLE — The Hawkins County Historical and Genealogical Society is planning to publish a history of all the churches in Hawkins County, and we are currently in the process of collecting information.

At present, we have material on over half of the more than 250 churches in the county.

The Hawkins County Genealogical and Historical Society has transcribed or published over 25 books or CDs since 1983. This church history project is one of our most ambitious.

To date, the society has identified over 250 churches — some part of organized denominations and others independent.

The survey will contain not only active churches but the several that have disbanded, most due to declining membership.

Those, along with churches on the counties bordering Hawkins that have local residents as members, and those that we were unable to find information about, will be included in a section at the end of the volume.

What are we asking for?

We hope to have a photograph and brief history for each church.

Histories are generally included in anniversary bulletins or programs, pictorial church directories, newspaper articles, etc.

Letters have been sent to all the churches where addresses are available. The majority of churches in the county have bi-vocational pastors, and few if any other staff.

In some of those cases, there is nobody to take responsibility for responding and the request goes unattended to. It would be very helpful to submit information on computer devices, (CD/thumb drive, etc.) since this will keep us from having to retype articles.

Why is it important to respond?

One of the chief concerns about any project such as this is that congregations that did not respond will be disappointed they were not included.

The simple fact is that we can only publish what is sent to us.

If you are member of a smaller congregation and not sure if we have included you, please contact one of the sources below to be sure.

Is there a deadline for sending information?

We have set Dec. 31 as the deadline to submit information.

Publication date is scheduled for mid or late 2020, and if an article is submitted after the announced date, we will try to include it in the study.

All materials will be archived

In addition to a photograph and brief history, any church records sent in will be archived at the Jack Goins County Archives in Rogersville.

Those include church minute books (copies of original), membership lists, former pastors and staff members, etc.

These records will become a permanent part of the Hawkins County archive for researchers in the future.

Church committee members

Dr. Carol Jones is serving as chairman of the church history committee, assisted by other society members. Society members Daryl and Carolyn Gardner will serve as editors.

Where to send submissions

Materials may be taken to the archives located at 955 E. McKinney Ave. in Rogersville (note their posted hours of operation) or mailed to the society address (P.O. Box 429 Rogersville, TN 37857). The archives phone number is (423) 921-0904.

George E. Webb Jr. is president of the Hawkins County Genealogical and Historical Society as well as Hawkins County historian.

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