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Randall Wayne Sansbury

• Oct 4, 2019 at 9:33 AM

My loving husband of 44 years, Randall (Randy, Crawdaddy, Woodstock, The Crazy Dude) Wayne Sansbury passed away on 8/25/19 in the French Riviera.

He was cremated in Cannes, France where they hold the annual International Film Festival for the rich and famous with a red carpet. Count on Randy to go out in style!  He was such a unique, loving individual.  There will never be another person like him.

In addition to his wife Melody, Randy is also survived by his daughter, Sunshine Nodine; sons, Tanner and Destiny Sansbury; son-in-laws, Michael Nodine and Eric Wright; and his grandchildren, Jack, Nicholas, and Nathan Nodine, all of whom he loved so dearly.  He joins his father, Walt Sansbury; mother, Ruth Sansbury; and brother, Terry Sansbury.

Randy lived well, laughed often, and loved much.  He taught us how to be humble, grateful, and to love one another.  He was always there to help, support, and teach us how to be better and to appreciate our successes.

Randy also contributed to our communities in many ways.  He was faithful to his religion, committed to his brotherhood, and always willing to help others.  This was especially remarkable because he tirelessly supported others even after working long, laborous hours.  He organized a "Support Our Troops" parade in Kingsport, initiated a coat drive at our church for the homeless at Shades of Grace, started a food pantry for the hungry at our church, Vermont United Methodist, and helped with the Guardian Angels.  Randy was an active member of the Freemasons, Scottish Rite, Jericho Shriners, Knights Templar, Hillbilly's and more.  He also practiced Kempo Karate in South Florida.

Randy was widely admired for his generosity.  He had a positive attitude no matter the situation.  His joy was infectious and he always gave a smile, laugh, joke, or compliment to brighten someone's day.  Randy left an impact on just about everyone he met, even strangers wherever he traveled.  For instance, many people in international airports would approach him saying "Preacher, will you pray with me?".  He would tell them he wasn't a preacher, but he would pray with them nonetheless.  I have personally witnessed him giving the shirt off of his back several times to people in need.  Randy was a lot of fun to be around and he brought out the best in all of us and countless others over the years.

Randy leaves the world better than he found it and people all over the world are better off because he lifted the spirits of just about everyone that he came into contact with.  He traveled to places that few have seen or dreamt about including Alaska, the Alps, Amsterdam, Ancient Olympia, Athens, Bahamas, Bavaria, Budapest, Bratislava, Cancun, Croatia, Florence, Florida Keys, Iceland, Jamaica, Kefalonia (Greek Island), Mayan ruins, Pisa, Rocky Mountains, Rome, Salzburg, San Francisco, Tuscany, Vatican, Venice, and Vienna.  We are grateful that we were able to go on so many adventures with Randy.  We have a lifetime of wonderful memories that we will always cherish and we'll remember the laughter, smiles, and experiences we shared.

Randy will be missed by all, but we thank him for all that he has given us and we'll love him forever.  He was an awesome husband, friend, and father.  We know that we will see him in Heaven one day.  We pray his legacy continues.

A Celebration of Life will be held at 2:00 on Saturday, October 5 at Vermont United Methodist Church, including a Masonic funeral with bagpipes.    

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