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Taylor Bible

• Jun 11, 2019 at 2:05 PM

It has taken me one year to write this. 

On February 12, 1996, Taylor Bible came into this world and brightened my life.  He was a healthy 9lb 2oz baby boy.  He learned faster than most and grew at the same rate.  Despite his playfulness and boundary pushing, he was very sensitive, shy, and kind growing up.  He was insecure, quiet and introverted, but loving and intelligent.

Taylor excelled with little effort in all that he did.  He put 100% into his interests and curiosities.  He scored above average on all standardized testing.  He had a mechanical mindset and worked well with his hands.  He played football, soccer, wrestled, and was in ROTC throughout school.  He graduated high school with awards for being top of his class in electrical school.  Following the Polaris program for electricians, he worked as an electrician and was to begin his apprenticeship soon after.

After graduation, Taylor focused on his health and avidly worked out and began the hobby of dead lifting up to 500lbs!  Through the rest of his young adult life, Taylor was facing the silent and lonely disease of depression.  He suffered emotionally and spiritually.  He deeply suffered, questioned his spirituality, and saw no hope of the future or life for himself.  The loss of his 16 year baby sister seemingly pushed him over the edge and this oppression became incapacitating.

He was preceded in untimely death by his 16 year old sister, Morgan; his unborn baby brother, Brayden; and his step-brother, Michael.

Surviving are his mother and step-father, Carey and Jeremy Young and his father and step-mom, Steven and Sue Deeb.  He was surrounded by a large, loving family including his sisters and brothers Kiersten and EmmaGrace (Hannah, Jacob, Katlin, Kristina).

I am writing this obituary one year after his death to honor him, to share his story, and to remember him...my son.  He clung to his mama in the last few years   of his life and his mama clung to Jesus.  My deepest love to my first born son, my baby boy. You will forever be that funny, intelligent, kind, and sensitive little boy to me.  For all that you have experienced...despair, depression, hopelessness...remember that God is always with you.  He desires for you to be fulfilled, whole, loved.

Psalm 40: 1-3  Reach out, cry out, He will hear your cries!  You are not alone!

Appalachian Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Johnson City, is continuing to serve the Bible family. (928-6111)